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Water Heater Systems and Services

Most homeowners probably cannot even imagine living in a world where they’d have to start a fire in order to heat water every time they wanted to bathe or do the dishes, nor would they want to imagine such a scenario even if they could. Fortunately for all of us, the modern water heater means enjoying a bountiful supply of hot water in our homes without anything near that level of inconvenience. It just so happens that we excel in the installation, maintenance, and repair of water heaters in Delaware County & The Main Line.

Water Heater helpYour water heater really is only as good as the service that it receives. That is why we strongly suggest that you schedule your water heater services with a member of our plumbing staff. When one of the professional service technicians here at Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. installs and services your water heater, you can count on the system to provide you with the efficient, effective, and dependable performance that you demand.

Do you need water heater services in Delaware County & The Main Line? Just call Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc..

Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

Even if you invest in a great water heater from a top manufacturer in the field, it is possible to receive a subpar performance from it. This is because choosing the right water heater for your needs is every bit as important as choosing a well–designed and manufactured water heater. The size of your water heater, for instance, plays a huge role in determining its success. If it is either too small or, to the surprise of some, too big for your needs, you risk reduced efficiency levels, excessive wear and tear, and other problems.

Choosing the right type of system is important, too. Many homeowners choose to stick with the traditional tank water heater, an affordable and reliable model. Others, though, are drawn in by the efficiency and compact design of the tankless water heater. You can take water heating efficiency to the next level by choosing a heat pump water heater, as well, with such systems using the existing heat in the air surrounding them in order to heat the water.

We Install and Service Many Different Water Heaters

Whichever water heater you finally decide upon, you can count on our staff to install it in your home and to integrate it into the existing plumbing system with the greatest of care. We will make certain that your water heater is of the right size for your needs, and that it is not at risk of developing leaks at connection points or creating other issues that stem from a subpar installation. Do you have an old water heater that you are looking to get rid of? No problem! We can handle your water heater replacement with ease.

Schedule Water Heater Repair and Maintenance with our Team

When a problem develops with your water heater, no matter how "minor" you may believe this problem to be, you need to call our number immediately. The longer that you wait to schedule any necessary repair services, the worse off your water heater is likely to be. Even "minor" issues, after all, can lead to very serious damages if given the chance. We excel in the diagnosis and repair of all manner of water heater problems.

Additionally, we offer routine water heater maintenance service, which will allow us to tune up your system on a regular basis. By completing this general maintenance, in which your system is thoroughly inspected and various parts tested, adjusted, and cleaned as necessary, we can greatly reduce the risk of problems developing with your system. Call now to learn more about our water heater offerings.

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