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Radiant Heating Systems

Heat Your Home with a Radiant Heating System

While many homeowners use furnaces in order to heat their homes, you are wise to remember that forced air heating is not your only option. Radiant heating systems in Delaware County & The Main Line are also quite popular, and they actually offer some benefits that forced-air heating systems cannot. As is the case with any heating system, of course, a professional installation and routine maintenance, along with quality repairs as needed, are necessary to ensure that you get the most from your radiant heating system.

When you schedule your radiant heating services with the professional technicians on the Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. staff, you can count on nothing shy of truly outstanding service quality. That way, you’ll reap the full benefits that your radiant heating system is capable of offering. Call our number today, and know that you’ll be able to efficiently and reliably heat your home during even the coldest time of the year.

The team at Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. offers radiant heating systems and services in Delaware County & The Main Line.

What Is Radiant Heating?

A radiant heating system differs greatly from forced–air heating systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps. Rather than heat air and then distribute that heated air throughout a home via a system of air ducts, radiant heating systems apply heat directly to the floors and/or walls of a home. They do this with the use of a hydronic heating system or, in some cases, electric resistance cables. Electricity tends to be a rather costly way in which to heat a home, so most homeowners lean toward hydronic heating systems. These systems use a boiler in order to heat water, and then distribute that heated water throughout the house via a system of hydronic tubing.

The benefits to radiant heating are many. Regardless of which type of system you use, you are not going to be facing the type of energy loss and indoor air quality problems that can stem from leaky ductwork, as there is no ductwork in these systems. Plus, radiant heating systems have fewer mechanical parts than forced–air systems, which helps to reduce the risk of repair needs. Additionally, they are easy to zone, and the heat generated by these systems is evenly and comfortably distributed.


We Install and Service Radiant Heating Systems

The installation of a radiant heating system, as you can probably imagine, is rather complex. When dealing with electrical components, and/or tubing that will distribute water throughout your home, there is really no room for error. You don’t want to risk an electrical problem creating a fire hazard, nor should you have to worry about water damage due to leaks in a hydronic system. When we complete your radiant heating installation, you won’t have to. Radiant systems do tend to last for a long time, but you may have a very old system that requires replacement. Again, this is a pretty big job, but you can add radiant heating replacement services to the list of those in which we excel.

Because of their design and lack of moving parts, radiant heating systems are among the most durable of all heaters available to residential property owners. The boiler is highly regarded due to this. Even so, you may come to find that your radiant heating system is not operating properly at some point. At the very first sign of trouble, such as skyrocketing heating costs or apparent water damage, call our number. We can repair your radiant heating system effectively and in a very timely manner. We also offer routine radiant heating maintenance, which will help to keep your radiant heater working at the top of its game.

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