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Shower Repair and Fixture Installation Services

Not sure whether you need a shower repair or a shower installation? Our team of local plumbers is here to help. Our technicians offer trusted plumbing services for homes in areas of Pennsylvania such as Havertown, Drexel Hill, Philadelphia, Wayne, New Castle, and West Chester. As Pennsylvania’s #1 plumbing contractor, we are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to perform expert shower repairs and installations. Give our professionals a call at (484) 206-8594 to receive assistance with a leaky fixture in your shower.

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3 Common Shower Problems and Ways to Respond

1. Leaky Shower Head or Faucet

Nothing is more annoying than a leaky faucet or shower head. Who knew something so small could drive you crazy? Did you also know that a dripping shower head or faucet wastes water and increases your monthly water bill? Even the smallest of drips add up over time. Our licensed plumbers offer shower repair services in Havertown, PA and are available to help you fix or replace a damaged fixture in your bathroom.

Leaky shower fixtures can also initiate rust formation and create the right environment for mold and mildew to grow, which poses various health risks. Shower head and faucet leaks often occur when connection points in the plumbing system fail, allowing water to seep through. Our technicians will help you replace a broken valve in your shower or bathroom.

2. Clogged Shower Drains

Over time, your shower drain gets clogged with hair, soap, and dirt. If you have a hard water supply, the drain will also experience mineral buildup from a higher-than-normal mineral content in the water. Water is then unable to drain efficiently or even at all, which can result in standing water.

Here are a few ways you can remove the clog to improve the draining process:

  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves, and remove the clog manually.
  • Remove the clog with a drain snake.
  • Pour a safe drain-cleaning solution down the drain. We recommend a baking soda, vinegar, and hot water mixture to protect the pipe from damage.

3. Noisy Shower and Rattling Pipes

Loose or broken pipes and hardware can sometimes make pipes rattle. Intense water pressure causes the loose or broken parts to vibrate against each other and produce the noise. Start by locating the source of the noise, then follow these three steps:

  • Tighten the loose pipes or hardware
  • Replace the pipes or hardware
  • Install a water pressure regulator to slow the flow of water through the pipes

Shower Fixture Installation Services in Philadelphia, PA

4 Signs You Should Buy a New Shower Head

1. Water Leaks

Water leaks aren’t only a nuisance, but they also waste both water and money. They can also cause water damage by allowing rust to form. Installing a new shower head will eliminate these issues..

2. Sediment Buildup On the Shower Head

Sediment buildup on your shower head causes a lot of problems, including waterflow blockages, hair or skin irritation, and decreased water pressure. If your shower head has excess mineral buildup, it’s time to replace it.

3. Mold and Mildew

Water leaks and other shower head issues create the perfect moist environment for mold and mildew to grow in a space that is already prone to unwanted bacteria growth. Mold and mildew can exacerbate allergies, damage skin or hair, and even cause sickness. Our skilled plumbers offer exceptional shower installation services in Drexel Hill, PA and are committed to working with you to replace an old shower head in your bathroom. Replacing an old leaky fixture in your shower will help prevent mold growth.

4. Sudden Changes in Water Pressure

Whether you experience a sudden and intense burst of water or your water flows at a turtle’s pace, the likely cause is a dated shower head. This problem occurs most often in homes with an older shower head that has undergone significant use over the years. The solution is simple: install a new one.

Shower Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA

Shower Fixture Installation and Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA and Other Areas

If you notice a water leak in your shower, give our professionals a call at (484) 206-8594 or book an appointment online. Our team of expert plumbers offer comprehensive shower repair and installation services for homeowners in areas of Pennsylvania such as Philadelphia, Broomall, Drexel Hill, Springfield, Newton Square, Havertown, and Wayne. Contact the team of licensed plumbers at Wm. Henderson to receive exceptional service at an affordable price.

If you need help with a leaky shower fixture in your home, give our team of plumbers a call at (484) 206-8594 to book an appointment.

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