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Cooler nights outside shouldn’t mean cooler nights inside! At Wm. Henderson we offer furnace repair, installation, and replacement services to keep your home warm and cozy all year long. Don’t be caught in the cold! Read below to learn the early warning signs of a faulty furnace:

High Humidity

Moist air can be a sign your furnace is on the fritz. Furnace systems are designed to regulate humidity, and keep homes warm and comfortable. When a furnace fails to control the humidity level in a home, heavy, moist air can cause moisture issues and discomfort. 


Uneven Heat Distribution

Are some rooms in your home hot while others are cold? Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat? These issues may mean your furnace is no longer able to distribute the air in your home properly. If you aren’t feeling the heat, call your Wm. Henderson team for a closer look.

Furnace Installation Services From WM Henderson in Broomall, Pennsylvania

Increased Energy Bills

Has your energy bill risen dramatically? As furnaces age, their efficiency can decrease. You may notice your furnace cycling more often to keep an even temperature throughout your home. This frequent cycling causes energy bills to rise and can be a sign that a new furnace is in your future.


Dust/Dirt in Home

When your furnace turns on, do you notice an increase in dust and debris in the home? As furnaces age, they cannot often moisturize and clean the air in your home. Dry air can be especially troublesome for family members with allergies, or those prone to dry skin. Reduce suffering by investing in a new furnace.


Strange Noises 

As furnaces age, they can begin to make strange noises. If you hear any rattling, buzzing, humming, or popping coming from your furnace, call on your Wm. Henderson heating specialist for help. 


Age of Unit 

Depending on usage and maintenance, the average furnace begins to lose efficiency after a decade of use. As they age, you may begin to notice rust spots and cracking on your HVAC system. You may also notice an increase in maintenance calls. These calls can add up, and end up adding big energy costs to your bottom line. When you begin to notice signs of old age and an increase in repair costs, talk to a comfort consultant about upgrading your system.  


Gas Versus Electric Furnaces

When it comes to installation costs, electric furnaces are much cheaper to install. But, although the initial cost of an electric furnace may be appealing, energy bills can be exceptionally higher than a gas furnace. Electric furnaces are more expensive to run and result in higher monthly energy bills in comparison to gas furnaces. 


Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold!

Furnaces are the heart of every home, and offer warmth and comfort on cold, blustery nights. If you suspect your furnace may need repair or replacement, call the team at Wm. Henderson today!

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