Emergency Furnace Repair & Installation Services in Pennsylvania

Cooler nights outside shouldn’t mean cooler nights inside! Our team of local HVAC contractors offers emergency furnace repair, installation, and replacement services for homes in Pennsylvania to keep your family warm and cozy all year long. Our HVAC contractors offer electric and gas furnace repair services in locations such as West Chester, Conshohocken, Coatesville, and Broomall, Pennsylvania. Don’t be caught in the cold! Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or fill out our Service Request Form.

Common Signs You Should Schedule a Emergency Furnace Repair or Installation Appointment

High Humidity May Indicate a Furnace Repair Issue

Moist air can be a sign your furnace is on the fritz. Furnace systems are designed to regulate humidity, and keep homes warm and comfortable. When a furnace fails to control the humidity level in a home, heavy, moist air can cause moisture issues and discomfort. Our team of HVAC contractors near you in Pennsylvania provide reliable emergency furnace repair and installation services in locations such as Delaware County, Chester County, and the Main Line.

Uneven Heat Distribution

Are some rooms in your home hot while others are cold? Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat? These issues may mean your furnace is no longer able to distribute the air in your home properly. Give our local HVAC contractors near you in Pennsylvania a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive a system audit. If our technicians are unable to perform a furnace repair, we will help you select a new system that is compatible with your home and perform a furnace installation project.

Furnace Installation Services From WM Henderson in Broomall, Pennsylvania

High Energy Bills May Be Due to an Inefficient Furnace

Has your energy bill risen dramatically? As furnaces age, their efficiency can decrease. You may notice your furnace cycling more often to keep an even temperature throughout your home. This frequent cycling causes energy bills to rise and is a sign you may need to schedule an emergency furnace repair or installation appointment with an HVAC contractor.

Dust/Dirt in Home

When your furnace turns on, do you notice an increase in dust and debris in the home? As furnaces age, they cannot often moisturize and clean the air in your home. Dry air can be especially troublesome for family members with allergies, or those prone to dry skin. Reduce suffering by investing in a new furnace. Our HVAC contractors near you in Pennsylvania provide emergency furnace repair and installation services in areas such as Coatesville, Lansdowne, Brookhaven, Glenolden, West Chester, and Clifton Heights.

Strange Noises 

As furnaces age, they can begin to make strange noises. If you hear any rattling, buzzing, humming, or popping coming from your furnace, call a local HVAC contractor at WM Henderson to receive assistance with a furnace repair project.

Age of Furnace 

Depending on usage and maintenance, the average furnace begins to lose efficiency after a decade of use. As they age, you may begin to notice rust spots and cracking on your HVAC system. You may also notice an increase in maintenance calls. These calls can add up, and end up adding big energy costs to your bottom line. When you begin to notice signs of old age and an increase in repair costs, talk to a local HVAC contractor about performing an emergency electric or gas furnace installation or repair.  

Should I Invest in a Gas or Electric Furnace?

Should I Invest in a Gas or Electric Furnace?

Benefits of Electric Furnaces

Should you invest in a gas or electric furnace installation project for your home? Many homeowners choose to purchase electric furnaces since they are easier and cheaper to install when compared to gas furnaces. In addition, electric furnaces are often quieter during a standard operation cycle. 

It should also be noted that electric furnaces include a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. This is double that of a gas heating system. Lastly, the compact size of electric furnaces is appealing to homeowners that are looking for a painless installation process. Our local HVAC contractors offer furnace installation and repair services for small to large homes in Pennsylvania.

Drawbacks of Electric Furnaces

Before you choose to perform an electric furnace repair or installation in your home, it’s important to consider the drawbacks of electric furnaces. Although the upfront cost of an electric furnace is more affordable when compared to a gas unit, the monthly utility fee can be drastically higher. 

In addition, electric furnaces are usually less efficient than gas systems since they use energy while producing heat. Need assistance with an electric furnace repair or installation? Book an appointment online to receive assistance.

Benefits of Gas Furnaces

Our HVAC contractors near you recommend performing a gas furnace installation to residents that live in areas with freezing temperatures because gas furnaces are able to provide higher temperatures when compared to electric systems. In addition, gas furnaces are more efficient since they are able to heat your home the moment they are activated. 

If your home is equipped with gas supply lines, the smarter option is to perform a gas furnace installation. This is because gas is usually less expensive when compared to electricity. Our local HVAC contractors offer emergency furnace repair and installation services to homes in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding areas.

Drawbacks of Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a bigger investment when compared to electric models since they have a higher upfront cost. In addition, gas furnaces produce more noise and feature a shorter lifespan. 

A gas furnace installation project is also dependent on the gas infrastructure in your suburb or city. Performing a gas furnace repair or installation is not an easy task and should always be carried out by a professional to avoid fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other mishaps.

Our local HVAC contractors always recommend gas furnace repair and installation services to residents that are looking to save money on their monthly bills. Although electricity may be more accessible, natural gas is more affordable and will help lower your recurring bills. Overall, gas furnaces are able to produce warmer air and are more energy-efficient. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to learn more about our emergency furnace repair and installation services.

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold!

Furnaces are the heart of every home, and offer warmth and comfort on cold, blustery nights. If you suspect your furnace may need repair or replacement, call our team of HVAC contractors near you today. 

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