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Water Treatment SolutionsThe water that flows through your home’s pipes serve many purposes—from washing the dishes after a dinner party to rinsing shampoo from your child’s hair to filling your glass after a tough workout. Just because it’s easy to take your water for granted doesn’t mean you should. The water that flows from your taps should always be safe and clean. Our team of technicians offer reliable water treatment system installation and repair services to homes in Pennsylvania. Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive assistance with installing a water treatment system.

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Types of Water Contamination Issues

Several issues can affect your tap water. While they’re not always apparent, these issues can lead to serious consequences for your family. The water in your home can carry contaminants—such as agricultural pesticides, heavy metals, and bacteria—or have an unbalanced pH that can cause further issues. Our water treatment experts diagnose any problems with your water and create a comprehensive, effective plan to address the issues.

10 Primary Water Contaminants

Keep reading to learn about the main contaminants found in water.

1. Lead

Lead is a metal that’s toxic if ingested. Lead makes its way into your water when plumbing systems corrode and allow contaminants to seep in.

2. Chlorine

Adding chlorine to water treatment systems removes disease-causing microorganisms. In excess amounts, chlorine can dry out skin and hair and irritate the eyes and nose.

3. Chloramines

When chlorine and chloramines are added to water and interact with other elements, they create byproducts that can cause cancer.

4. Mercury

Mercury is a liquid metal that enters water systems when erosion, discharge, and runoff occur. Consistent exposure to mercury can cause kidney damage. Our team of licensed plumbers offer water treatment system installation and repair services in areas of Pennsylvania such as Wayne, West Chester, Havertown, Ardmore, and Broomall. Our staff of technicians are committed to improving the quality of the water in your home. Give our staff a call if you have any questions about the negative consequences of mercury or other types of water contaminants.

Technician5. VOCs

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals that your body can absorb when they heat up and vaporize.

6. Pharmaceuticals

When pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t dispose of medicinal chemicals properly, they end up in public water systems.

7. Herbicides

Herbicides protect crops from weeds and other unwanted plant growth. Unfortunately, those chemicals flow into the water stream when it rains and can harm both hormonal activity and reproductive organs.

8. Pesticides

Similar to herbicides, pesticides kill unwanted bugs, weeds, and bacteria in crops and also make their way into water systems when it rains. No one knows exactly how ingested pesticides impact the body.

9. Waterborne Cysts

A waterborne cyst is a parasite that grows in bodies of water and flows into drainage systems. The cysts that disinfectants don’t remove during the water treatment process harm the body.

10. MTBE

Gasoline contains MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) to decrease environmentally harmful vehicle emissions. MTBE enters water treatment systems by leaking into the bodies of water that supply drinking water.

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Top 8 Signs of Contaminated Water

To know whether your drinking water is contaminated, look for these signs:

1. Cloudy

If you can’t see straight through your water, don’t drink it. It should be crystal clear, always.

2. Sediment

Any sediment that ends up in your drinking water should be a minuscule amount and invisible to the naked eye. If you notice a large amount of minerals or sediment in your water, give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594. Our team of certified plumbers offer water treatment system replacement and repair services to homeowners in your area. Our technicians are committed to helping you remove sediment and other contaminants in your water.

3. Brown or Orange Hue

If your water has a brown or orange hue, it’s because either a) your pipes have rusted or b) a nearby mining or excavation site pushed excess iron into the water system.

4. Oily Film

If you notice an oily film developing on the surface of sitting water, your water likely has oil or grease mixed in. Common causes include pipe leaks and inadequate water filtration.

Sink5. Chlorine Scent

Your water contains small amounts of chlorine to remove harmful bacteria. However, if you can smell the chlorine, that’s a problem. Consuming excessive amounts of chlorine causes internal damage.

6. Sulfur Odors

Small amounts of sulfur aren’t harmful, but excessive amounts can cause serious health issues. A foul smell will alert you of this problem.

7. Metallic Taste

Pure water should be pretty flavorless. If your water has a metallic taste, it may contain harmful substances.

8. Rusted Silverware

If your silverware starts to rust after washing it, your water probably contains excess iron. While this issue won’t cause major health problems, you’ll need to replace your rusty pipes eventually.

Our Water Treatment Services

Water Filtration Systems

Our team of local plumbers offer water filtration system installation, replacement, and repair services to residents in Pennsylvania. These cutting-edge filtration systems have five filtration and conditioning stages to clean various contaminants from your water supply. If you use municipal water or a water well, this system is for you. We offer dependable water treatment services to help you improve the safety of your water.

Water Softeners

Water is categorized as either “hard” or “soft” based on whether it contains calcium and magnesium. Hard water contains these minerals while soft water doesn’t. Since calcium and magnesium are daily nutrients, they shouldn’t cause any adverse health effects if present in your water supply. Soft water can be more convenient than hard water and doesn’t leave a film or build-up on dishes, clothing, fixtures, and skin like hard water does. In addition, investing in a water softener will enhance the life cycle of your pipes and plumbing system. Our team offers reliable water softener or treatment system installation and repair services to residents in Pennsylvania. Our certified plumbers will talk with you about the advantages of installing a water softener in your living space.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis filtration gives you the crystal clear drinking water you want. This process can remove up to 99% of dissolved solids, particles, organics, bacteria, and other contaminants from your water—leaving it perfectly fresh and clean. With the help of the Ayer’s Rock Alkaline Filter, our six-stage reverse osmosis system produces superior filtration and tasting results.

Water Treatment SolutionsWater Treatment System Replacement & Repair Services

Our goal at Wm. Henderson is to provide top-notch water treatment system repair and installation services that keep you and your family safe year-round. Whether it’s our water filtration system, water softener, or reverse osmosis services, our team of licensed, experienced technicians is your go-to for customer satisfaction and complete home comfort. Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to discuss the benefits of investing in water treatment systems.

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