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Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA

Tankless, or continuous flow water heaters, are an excellent, long-term investment for your home. Unlike traditional tank-style water heaters that use constant energy to maintain a hot water supply, tankless water heaters only utilize energy when hot water is actually being used. This innovative operation of heating water is increasing in popularity for single-family and multi-family homes because of its efficiency and long-term cost savings. We offer tankless water heater installation and repair services to homes in Havertown, Drexel Hill, Philadelphia, Ardmore, West Chester, and other areas in Pennsylvania.

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Traditional water heaters have a life expectancy of around 8 to 12 years. After this time, you may hear unusual knocking sounds coming from your water heater. This is a sign of a failing water system, and you’ll likely need to replace the water heater before the issue becomes worse. Instead of purchasing a new tank-style system, it’s important to consider the benefits of purchasing a tankless water heater.

In addition to being energy efficient and having longer life cycles substantially, tankless water heaters produce an endless supply of hot water. Furthermore, it has a decreased risk of leaking, requires less space, and has a significantly longer lifespan than traditional water heaters.


Water heaters are one of the highest sources of energy usage in your home. Tankless water heaters are an easy choice for energy savings, performance, and reliability. They use less energy than standard models, which can save you money on your utility bills. If you switch to a tankless heating system, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars each year—a huge advantage to budget-conscious homeowners.

Tankless Water HeaterEXTENDED LIFE CYCLE

You may not think about the life cycle of your water heater, but knowing the age of your unit can be extremely beneficial. As mentioned earlier, traditional storage water heaters can last about a decade.

An advantage of conducting a tankless water heater installation includes receiving close to double the life expectancy. If you’re planning to move in the coming years, this might not matter.

However, if you plan to remain in your house for the foreseeable future, investing in a tankless water heater installation may be a smart choice because tankless heaters have a life expectancy of two decades.


Water heaters ensure your ability to have hot water throughout your home. If your traditional tank system doesn’t warm water or takes more than a few seconds to do so, you’ll end up wasting more water than necessary. With a tankless unit, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for energy efficiency and space.

Tankless models heat water quickly and operate only as needed. You’ll never worry about the hot water running out again. With tankless water heaters, you’ll have a continual stream of water for as long as it’s needed.


The average water tank is typically 60 inches by 24 inches, and in some homes, is stored in a closet or room. You can install a tankless system without worrying about if it’ll fit into an enclosed space, and you can utilize additional closet space for household items, storage, or clothes.


If you’re concerned about the safety of tankless water heaters, rest assured. They are a much safer option than traditional tank water heaters. In addition to weighing a lot, traditional water heaters can overheat and explode in rare cases. Alternatively, tankless models hold very little water.

Despite using higher temperatures to heat water, the threat of overheating or explosion is significantly lower. Our staff of local plumbers offers tankless water heater installation and repair services to homes in Havertown and other areas in Pennsylvania. Prevent a water leak in your living space by installing a tankless heater.


Standard units use energy to continuously heat water in the tank, which is how water remains hot. Alternatively, tankless water heaters provide instant hot water with electric coils or high-powered gas burners. This may be difficult to understand, so let’s go step-by-step:


When you need hot water and turn on the faucet, the tankless unit activates a high-powered heating element to warm the cold water quickly.


The heating element continues to warm the water for as long as the hot water faucet is turned on.


As soon as you turn off the hot water faucet, the gas burner or electric coils stop, and the water is no longer heated.

That’s it. Tankless water heaters are efficient because they never have to reheat water, and they use electronic ignitions. While it does cost more upfront, hiring a technician to perform a tankless water heater installation can help you decrease energy consumption by more than 30 percent and last nearly 20 years!

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