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Garbage Disposal Systems and Service

The great thing about the modern plumbing system—well, one of many great things—is the fact that it can be so extensively customized in order to suit the budgets and user preferences of different homeowners. You can upgrade your system in a number of different ways, once you’ve got all of the most obvious and necessary components, such as your toilet and water line, in place. We’ve found that one of the most effective ways in which to upgrade your plumbing system is also one of the most basic: with the installation of a garbage disposal.

Using a garbage disposal in Delaware County & The Main Line is a straightforward way in which to ensure that your kitchen is as convenient and hygienic a workspace as possible. Keep in mind, though, that while the installation of a garbage disposal may not be the most complex plumbing project of all time, it is still one that absolutely must be completed by a trained, professional plumber. Let Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. handle your garbage disposal services, so that you can count on yours to function precisely as it ought to.

Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. offers garbage disposal services in Delaware County & The Main Line. 

We Install and Replace Garbage Disposals

You may think that you can go out, purchase a garbage disposal, read the instructions or watch an online tutorial, and install that appliance on your own. In doing so, you not only risk injuring yourself, damaging your disposal, and voiding warranties, but also getting a subpar performance from your system and potentially experiencing water damage down the line as leaks develop. It really isn’t worth the hassle. Our plumbers have years of experience in this industry, and they can expertly install your garbage disposal to guarantee that it functions just the way that it is supposed to.

When you take good care of your garbage disposal and follow its usage guidelines, you can expect to get years of quality performance from it. However, no mechanical device is going to last forever. One that sees the amount of wear and tear that the average garbage disposal does is certainly not likely to be the exception to this rule. If and when you decide that the time has come for a garbage disposal replacement, be sure to contact our team. We’ll help you to find the ideal replacement for your needs, and we’ll install it with the utmost care.


Let Us Maintain and Install Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is going to require very little in the way of maintenance, as these appliances are fairly simple in design, and are manufactured to be quite rugged. The best thing that you can do to maintain your garbage disposal is to familiarize yourself with what should and shouldn’t be put down it. From time to time, some lubrication or other minor maintenance may be necessary, and we are happy to handle that for you.

Should you find that there is a problem of any kind with your garbage disposal, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Doing so is almost guaranteed not to end well. Instead, pick up the phone and call our number. We’ll figure out precisely what the problem with your garbage disposal is, and we’ll fix it with the level of expertise and exceptional workmanship that defines our service offerings.

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