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When hot, humid days hit, stepping into an air-conditioned home can be blissful. If your air conditioning unit has stopped blowing cold air or stopped working altogether, our team of technicians is ready to help.

WM Henderson provides trustworthy and efficient air conditioning repair and installation services in areas of Pennsylvania such as West Chester, Broomall, Coatesville, and Conshohocken. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or schedule an appointment online to receive assistance.

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Signs It’s Time to Book an Air Conditioning Installation Appointment

It’s important to maintain and care for your air conditioning unit throughout its 10-15 year lifespan. While a simple repair can fix some issues, other challenges may require a total replacement. Here are a few signs that it’s time to call a professional on our team to conduct an air conditioning installation or replacement:

Age of the Central Air Conditioning Unit

The truth is, air conditioners don’t last forever. If your AC unit is over ten years old, it most likely costs more to run each season. To maximize energy efficiency, and reduce your energy bills, it may be time to replace your old system with a new, more energy-efficient model. Did you know units manufactured before January 1, 2010 use a refrigerant called R-22, also known as Freon? R-22 is known to have a damaging impact on the ozone layer and is banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Today, new AC units rely on environmentally friendly refrigerants to cool your home.

The Air Conditioning System Requires Recurring Repairs

No matter how reliable your system is, the continuous air conditioning repair fees will eventually outweigh replacement costs. If repair bills are stacking up, but you still aren’t comfortable, take a closer look at the benefits of a new unit.

The Central AC is Producing Strange Odors

Strange odors coming from your AC unit or vents can be a cause for concern. Most times, the cause of these odors are able to be fixed by performing a basic air conditioning repair. However, have a professional check the system as soon as possible to ensure there isn’t a serious issue that may require a costly installation or replacement.

Uneven Air & Humid Air in Your Home

Is the air in your home more humid than usual, even after running your AC unit? Are some rooms colder than others? While air conditioning repairs are possible, the cost of these repairs can be high. What’s more, these repairs aren’t always guaranteed to solve the problem. You may find investing in a new unit to be a better value.

Your Energy Bills Are High

High energy bills mean your AC unit may be running inefficiently. Inefficiency is one of the biggest flaws of older air conditioning units and a big contributor to high energy bills. Decrease your monthly bills by investing in an air conditioner repair or replacement. Our team will install an energy efficient air conditioner to help decrease your monthly utility bills. 

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Air ConditioningWhat Size Central Air Conditioning System Should I Choose?

Prior to purchasing a new central air conditioner, it is important to be familiar with the available sizes for sale on the market. There are an array of variables that will impact the size of the system you may choose for your home. Factors such as insulation, ceiling height, prominence of sunlight, and total square footage will play a role in choosing a system with a proper capacity. 

What Are British Thermal Units?

The capacity of an air conditioner is measured using a metric called British Thermal Units (BTU’s). This metric is designed to measure the quantity of heat required to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by a total of 1 degree Fahrenheit. The maximum power of a central air conditioning system is also measured using another key performance indicator called tonnage (ton). A ton is a metric that summarizes the total amount of heat a central air conditioner can remove from a house in one hour.

To summarize, the term BTU is utilized to describe the total amount of heat in a home while a ton refers to the total amount of heat a system is able to remove from an enclosure. For example, an air conditioner that features a single ton is able to process and eliminate a total of 12,000 BTU’s of heat on an hourly basis. 

To calculate the total amount of BTU’s or heat an air conditioner of 5 tons is able to remove per hour, you should multiply 5 by 12,000 BTU’s. If your calculations are correct, you will receive 60,000 BTU’s. This means that an air conditioner of 5 tons is able to remove 60,000 BTU’s of heat per hour in a home. To avoid making mistakes throughout the calculation process, we recommend scheduling an air conditioning repair or installation service appointment with our team. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or book an appointment online to receive help. The team at WM Henderson will help you calculate the capacity for your brand new air conditioner.

How to Calculate an Air Conditioner Size For My Home

Most central air conditioning systems are able to provide cold air to 400 square feet per ton of capacity. If you have a house that includes a total of 2,400 square feet, we recommend purchasing a furnace that is 6 tons to keep the air cold throughout the summer months. This was calculated by dividing 2,400 square feet by the cooling capacity of 1 ton, which is 400 square feet. Once you divide 2,400 square feet by 400 square feet, you will discover that a total of 6 tons will be required to provide cold air to each room in your house.

A single ton air conditioning system is able to provide cool air to around 400 square feet in a home. To receive the total amount of BTU’s (heat)  your air conditioner will be required to remove per hour, multiply 6 tons by 12,000 BTU’s to receive 72,000 BTUs.

In summary, your 6 ton air conditioning system will remove around 72,000 BTU’s per hour in your home to maintain its pleasant temperature. WM Henderson provides trustworthy and fast air conditioning services to homes in areas of Pennsylvania such as Coatesville, Broomall, Conshohocken, and West Chester. We offer the latest energy-efficient Lennox air conditioning systems that are engineered keep you comfortable and save you money. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with sizing your new air conditioning system.

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Air ConditionerBenefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit:

New Air Conditioners Are Energy-Efficient

Recently-built air conditioning units are optimized for energy-efficient performance. You will see the benefits of this advanced efficiency in lower energy bills, plus added comfort.

New Air Conditioners Are More Reliable

A new air conditioning system is more reliable than an older unit. Each year, a system loses effectiveness. On top of that, an older system is more prone to breakdowns and could give out at any time. New units offer reliability, meaning you shouldn’t be stuck with a broken system when the dog days of summer hit.

New Air Conditioning Systems Are Environmentally-Friendly & Do Not Rely on R-22 Refrigerant

Since new AC units replace the old R-22 refrigerant with a more environmentally friendly one, you can feel good about the impact your home is having on the environment.

New Central Air Conditioners Make Little to No Noise

Newer air conditioning units feature more silent motors. This upgrade can make backyard events pleasant, and keep guests happy, by reducing the noise coming from the air conditioner’s outside components.

New Air Conditioners Improve Air Quality

Another reason to perform an air conditioner installation with our team is to receive enhanced air quality in your home. New, variable speed motors work to circulate air within the home more effectively. These motors also remove impurities in the air.

Increases Property Value 

Having a newer AC unit when going to sell your home can be very appealing to buyers. Not having to think about replacing a costly air conditioning system upon purchase may give you a leg up in the mind of those looking to purchase a new home.

Invest in a New HVAC System With a Variable Speed Motor

All types of HVAC systems include either a conventional or variable speed fan motor. A Variable speed motor is usually located inside the air handler or furnace in a home. This type of motor requires a low amount of maintenance and is able to help you reduce the cost of your utility bills. A variable speed motor is engineered to operate at a variety of speeds to improve the flow of warm or cold air in your house.

The latest energy-efficient air conditioning systems on the market are compatible with variable speed motors in HVAC systems. To receive the benefits a variable speed motor offers, you will be required to upgrade, you will be required to invest in a new furnace that is equipped with this type of motor. This type of motor is able to offer superior temperature and humidity regulation when compared to conventional fan motors.

If you’re interested in upgrading an air handler, furnace, or air conditioner on your property, give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or book an appointment online. WM Henderson provides reliable and honest air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement services to homes in West Chester and other areas of Pennsylvania. 

Air Conditioning Repair Services in West Chester, PA & Other AreasProfessional Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services in Pennsylvania

Talk to your team at Wm. Henderson to receive award-winning air conditioning repair, tune-up, maintenance, or replacement services. Each of our expert heating and cooling technicians are trained in the latest comfort technologies. From heat pumps, furnaces, to ductless mini-split systems, our team is able to pinpoint and resolve issues with all types of HVAC systems.

If you need a new air conditioning system, our contractors will recommend an energy-efficient model from Lennox or another reliable brand on the market. Our team offers dependable air conditioning services in areas of Pennsylvania such as Coatesville, Conshohocken, West Chester, and Broomall. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or book an appointment online to receive assistance with an air conditioning issue.

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Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Much Does a Central Air Conditioner Cost?

The total cost of a central air conditioner will be dependent on factors such as its size, efficiency, and brand. For example, an energy-efficient variable-speed air conditioner will cost more money when compared to a single-stage system. Standard central air conditioning systems for sale on the market will range in price from $1,500 to $4,000. On the other hand, the installation and labor should also be considered prior to purchasing an air conditioner.

The average cost to hire a licensed HVAC technician to perform a central air conditioning installation will vary from $3,000 to $7,000 or more. If you need help installing a new system, give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594. The staff at WM Henderson provides dependable air conditioning repair and installation services to homes in areas of Pennsylvania such as Coatesville, West Chester, Broomall, and Conshohocken.

What is an Air Conditioning Compressor?

The compressor is a component that is located near the condenser coils and fan in the outdoor condensing unit. A compressor in a central air conditioning system is engineered to distribute refrigerant between the interior and exterior units. This component plays a critical role in the heat exchange process in your house. A compressor utilizes electricity to properly disperse refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils.

The outdoor condensing unit is equipped with a motor that is designed to operate the compressor. The compressor in your air conditioner will squeeze the refrigerant into a pressurized gas. This will cause the refrigerant to be pushed through a pipe to a coil in the outdoor condensing unit. Once the refrigerant reaches the outdoor coils, it will discharge the excess heat and moisture from your house. Next, the refrigerant is transformed into a liquid and is circulated to the indoor unit.

After the refrigerant is in your house, it evaporates from a liquid to a gas and extracts the heat energy and moisture from the interior air of your house. Once the refrigerant has absorbed the heat energy, it is distributed to the compressor and the cooling cycle starts again. Do you have a broken compressor in your system? Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help. The certified HVAC contractors at WM Henderson provide reliable air conditioning repair services to homeowners in West Chester and other areas of Pennsylvania.

How Long WIll It Take For My Air Conditioner to Cool My House?

The total amount of time it takes for an air conditioner to cool your house will vary depending on the outdoor temperature. In addition, the temperature you set your thermostat to will impact the amount of time it takes to remove heat energy and moisture from the air in your house. In most cases, it will take a total of three hours for a standard central air conditioner to cool a four-bedroom household by 10 degrees.

If your central air conditioning system is running continuously throughout the day without reaching the temperature on your programmable thermostat, this is an indicator of an issue with your system. This operational problem may be caused by a clogged air filter. If there is a large amount of dust and dirt in your filter, the air flow in your house will be negatively impacted. Your air conditioner may also be distributing warm air due to a crack or hole in your refrigerant line.

Once the refrigerant becomes too low, the central air conditioner will be unable to remove heat and moisture from the air in your house. Lastly, the air in your household may feel too warm due to an incorrectly sized air conditioner. Give our team of trained technicians a call at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with an HVAC problem. WM Henderson provides affordable and efficient air conditioning repair and installation services to homeowners in Conshohocken, Coatesville, Broomall, and other areas of Pennsylvania.

What is the Best Humidity Level for a Home?

Humidity refers to the total amount of moisture in the air surrounding you. To ensure your household is comfortable, it’s important to maintain a relative humidity of 30% to 50%. If the humidity in your house is 40%, this means the interior air has absorbed 40% of the maximum quantity of moisture it is capable of holding. An excess amount of humidity can make you or a family member sick.

In addition, a high moisture or humidity may promote the growth of mold in your house. If this issue isn’t fixed quickly, the excess moisture in the air may cause the wood on your couch or bed to rot. Does the air in your household feel sticky and humid? Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with an air conditioning repair issue. Our team of licensed HVAC technicians offers safe and fair air conditioning services to homes in Broomall and Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

What is a SEER Rating?

SEER is an acronym that refers to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER Rating is a ratio of the total quantity of cold air provided by a central air conditioning system throughout the summer season divided by the amount of electricity the system utilizes in Watt-Hours. This ratio is created by utilizing a consistent interior air temperature and a variety of outdoor air temperatures that vary from 60 to 100 degrees.

A central air conditioning system with a high SEER Rating is more efficient when compared to a system with a lower rating. The latest air conditioners for sale on the market feature SEER Ratings that vary from 13 to 21. A majority of central air conditioners with high SEER ratios will include either a 2-stage or variable-speed compressor to enhance the temperature and comfort of your home. The process of choosing a brand new air conditioner for your household can be stressful. Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with an air conditioner replacement. The team at WM Henderson provides proven and trusted air conditioning repair services to households in West Chester and other areas of Pennsylvania.

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