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Furnace Installation and Replacement Services

Cooler nights outside shouldn’t mean cooler nights inside! Our team of local HVAC contractors offers emergency furnace installation and replacement services for homes in Pennsylvania to keep your family warm and cozy all year long. Our HVAC contractors offer electric and gas furnace installation services in locations such as Havertown, West Chester, Drexel Hill, Broomall, Ardmore, and Wayne. Don’t be caught in the cold!

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So you want to upgrade your furnace. Investing in a furnace installation is an important process. From size to energy efficiency, you want to make the right choice. But what is the difference between a gas and electric furnace? Which type of system would be best for your home? To better assist your furnace shopping, we’ve detailed the benefits and drawbacks of gas and electric furnaces.


When it comes to the electric furnace, there are many benefits. Generally speaking, electric furnaces have a lower upfront cost, so if you’re tight on a budget, this is a better option. Additionally, electric furnaces are much better to maintain. Unlike their gas furnace companion, you don’t need special ventilation to discharge combustion gases outside, which means that this system requires low maintenance. In addition, a large number of homeowners choose to conduct an electric furnace installation or replacement because an electric system is designed to make less noise when it operates. They have double the lifespan of a gas heating system, ranging from 20 to 30 years.


Although the upfront cost for an electric furnace is relatively cheaper than a gas furnace, your utility bill will be higher, increasing the overall cost. In addition, electric furnaces are less efficient than gas systems since they use energy to produce heat. They also tend to dry out the air in your home more—but don’t worry. A humidifier system can always fix this. Need assistance with an electric furnace repair or installation? Book an appointment online today for top-notch electric furnace installation.


Even though the cost of gas furnaces varies by location, natural gas is generally less expensive. A benefit of performing a gas furnace installation or replacement is that a gas system will heat your home faster than an electric furnace. Gas furnaces are utilized in colder climates that receive frequent winter storms.

Our team of professionals offer dependable gas furnace replacement solutions for families in areas of Pennsylvania such as Wayne, Broomall, Drexel Hill, Ardmore, and Springfield. If your home is equipped with gas supply lines, the smarter option is to perform a gas furnace installation. This is because gas is usually less expensive when compared to electricity. Our team will help you install a gas heating system to improve the comfort and safety of your home.


On the downside, gas furnaces have a higher upfront cost and tend to generate loud noise. When it comes to installing a gas furnace—the process is much more complex. A gas furnace installation or replacement project is also dependent on the gas infrastructure in your suburb or city. Performing a gas furnace repair or installation is not an easy task and should always be carried out by a professional to avoid fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other mishaps.

Our local HVAC contractors always recommend gas furnace repair and installation services to residents looking to save money on their monthly bills. Although electricity may be more accessible, natural gas is more affordable and will help lower your recurring bills. Overall, gas furnaces can produce warmer air and are more energy-efficient.


To determine the efficiency of a furnace, you will need to assess its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. An efficient furnace with a high AFUE rating will use a minimal amount of natural gas while heating your home. However, a furnace with a low AFUE rating will use substantially more gas to generate warm air throughout your home. If you are investing in furnace replacement services and need to determine an AFUE rating, you first divide the total quantity of gas your furnace uses by the amount of warm air produced for your home.

Commonly, a furnace with an AFUE score of 85% means your furnace will lose 15% of its energy due to inefficient heat exchangers and contaminated gas burners. On the other hand, 85% of the natural gas will be transformed into warm air to keep your house comfortable. Remember that an AFUE rating of a furnace does not account for the loss of warm air due to cracks or holes in air ducts, which is why proper ventilation is important.

For energy-efficient furnaces, you’ll want to invest in a system with an AFUE rating that varies from 90 to 97%. Furnaces with moderate efficiency ratings tend to have an AFUE score of 80%. Older furnaces can have an AFUE rating of 78% or below. Our team of HVAC technicians will help you find a furnace with a high AFUE rating. Give our staff a call by phone at 484-206-8594 to discuss BTU or AFUE ratings.


Furnaces are the heart of every home, and offer warmth and comfort on cold, blustery nights. If you suspect it’s time to replace your furnace, call our team of HVAC contractors near you today. We offer fast and safe furnace installation and replacement services in areas such as Wayne, West Chester, Havertown, Broomall, Newton Square, and Ardmore. Our team is committed to helping you choose the correct furnace model and capacity to accommodate your living space.

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