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For the most part, you actually have very little to do with the equipment that constitutes your HVAC system. You change your air filter, hopefully, but for the most part you don’t have that much direct interaction with the system, other than enjoying the comfort that it provides. One major exception, of course, is your thermostat. It is your thermostat, after all, that allows you to control the operation of your HVAC system at large.

Don’t let its relatively size stature or common presence convince you that the thermostat is not a major player in your HVAC system. If you are not using the ideal thermostat for your own personal user preferences, and if your device is not installed by a trained professional, you are likely not getting the very best performance that your HVAC system can offer. That is why you should schedule your thermostat services in Delaware County & The Main Line with a member of the Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. team.

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Choosing the Right Thermostat

You may not give your thermostat all that much thought on a day–to–day basis, but the fact remains that it has a huge influence over the way in which your HVAC system operates. If you are not using the ideal thermostat for your needs and user habits, you could seriously be missing out. That is why we recommend that you consider your options carefully.

Digital Thermostat

We know that a lot of homeowners like to keep things simple, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, you must remember that simplicity may not be as “simple” as you think. If you’re still using an old, manual thermostat, upgrading to a more advanced digital thermostat can make things less complicated. They have easy to read digital displays and push button controls, allowing for more accurate temperature setting.

Programmable Thermostats

If you’re making the jump to digital, then you should give programmability serious consideration. By creating a heating and cooling program that revolves around your own personal schedule, you can eliminate any slip–ups in resetting the thermostat when you’ll be away from the house. You’ll also always have a comfortable home waiting for you, without having to run your AC or heater full tilt all day long in an empty home.

Smart Thermostats

We are integrating smart technology into more and more areas of our lives these days, and your thermostat shouldn’t be left out of the loop. With a smart thermostat, you can not only program your system, but you can access and regulate it remotely via an internet–enabled device. Plus, you can review energy reports that can help you to determine how to go about maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home in a more efficient manner.

We Install and Service Thermostats

Do you need a thermostat installed with a new HVAC system? Do you want to upgrade your thermostat, meaning that you’ll be replacing an old and outdated model? Are you having trouble using your thermostat, and suspect that some trouble–shooting is necessary? Whatever the situation may be, we are the professional to call when you need thermostat installation, repair, or replacement services. Call our number, schedule service with one of our fine technicians, and take control over the way in which you heat and cool your home. We’ll make sure that you are able to do so with outstanding results and top–notch convenience.

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