Furnace Tune-Up Services

Furnace Tune-Up ServicesKeep your home cozy and comfortable during the winter with our prompt and professional HVAC services. Our team of local HVAC technicians offers furnace tune-up services and annual maintenance plans so that you can rest assured your furnace will keep you warm all winter long!

We offer various coupons, financing options, and an easy booking process to help make our furnace tune-up and other HVAC services accessible to all. Our team of certified technicians offer furnace maintenance solutions in areas of Pennsylvania such as Drexel Hill, Ardmore, Havertown, Wayne, Broomall, and Wynnewood. Whether your furnace won’t start or it’s blowing cold air, our technicians are a call away! Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with a malfunctioning furnace.

We Offer Furnace Maintenance Services In:

Havertown, PA
Wayne, PA
Drexel Hill, PA
Springfield, PA
West Chester, PA
Newtown Square, PA
Wynnewood, PA
Ardmore, PA
Broomall, PA
Other Cities & Suburbs

Top Signs It’s Time to Perform Furnace Maintenance:

High Humidity
Uneven Heat Distribution
A Spike in Energy Bill Cost
Excessive Dirt or Dust in Your Home
Strange Noises
System Is Old

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5 Benefits of Performing a Professional Furnace Tune-Up

Even if your furnace seems to work fine, it’s best to get a professional furnace tune-up. Furnace maintenance comes with a long list of benefits, including:

Superior Home Heating

Gone are the days of weak airflow and lukewarm temperatures. When you schedule a furnace tune-up, an HVAC professional will ensure that your furnace works efficiently. This means you’ll get even better heating than before. There will be no cold spots, no weakened airflow, and uniform heating throughout your home.

Lower Utility Bills

Old or dirty furnaces can be expensive to operate each month. This is because they have to work harder and use up more fuel to warm your home. When furnaces receive a tune-up, their efficiency will be back to normal. Enjoy lowered utility bills!

TechnicianIncrease the Life Cycle of Your Furnace

The average furnace can last for a long time with the proper maintenance. In order to get the most bang for your buck, help your furnace last its full life cycle by scheduling regular furnace tune-ups and maintenance. Furnaces that get maintained properly can last up to five years longer than those without maintenance.

Prevent a System Failure

In the long run, you’ll save more money getting your furnace serviced than waiting until something breaks down to fix it. During furnace maintenance, a professional will clean and check furnace parts to help prevent a costly malfunction.

Risk Prevention

Just like furnace maintenance helps catch an issue before it happens, it helps ensure that all the electrical components are in safe working order. An HVAC professional should perform connection checks during a furnace tune-up to help keep your home safe and avoid any dangerous disaster.

Furnace Tune-Up Checklist:

Fan belt tension adjustment and check
Connections, voltage, and current checks
Heat exchanger inspection
Exhaust system testing
Clean the Gas Burners
Gas pressure verification and adjustment
Ignition system check
Gas and oil line inspection
Test and verify system controls
Condensate drain inspection
Thorough cleaning of furnace interior and exterior
Air filter change
Carbon monoxide level testing
Thermostat calibration
Lubricate moving parts like motor bearings

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What a Furnace Tune-Up Includes:

Read on for a more in-depth look at what a furnace tune-up includes.

Cleaning Parts

The parts in your furnace get grimy and dusty throughout the year. There are many parts that are difficult to clean without the help of a professional. When you schedule a furnace tune-up or maintenance, our team of technicians will clean the outdoor unit, fan blades, flame sensor rod, blower, and coils.

Conducting Inspections

Various parts of your furnace system will get tested and verified to ensure working order. The technician will use a specialized meter to test voltage and currents. The technician will also check to make sure that there is no significant wear and tear on the furnace parts.

Testing for Safety

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a furnace maintenance appointment is the carbon monoxide testing. Carbon monoxide is very hazardous to your health, and can unfortunately become present if your furnace is leaking. Our technicians offer furnace tune-up services in areas such as Broomall, Ardmore, Havertown, Wayne, and Drexel Hill. Our contractors will test the gas pressure, ignition system, and other safety controls to make sure that everything is running smoothly and safely.

Lubricating the System

Motor parts of your furnace system need a specific lubricant to operate properly. Our contractors offer dependable furnace tune-up services and are committed to ensuring the parts in your system are oiled and operating without any issues. If the parts are not correctly lubricated, the components are more liable to malfunction.

Other Maintenance

Based upon inspection, your HVAC technician will adjust gas pressure, swap out your filter, and more. If it needs fixing, they’ll get to it! This will help with the overall goal of providing an efficient furnace to promote thermal comfort.

HVAC SystemFurnace Maintenance & Tune-Up Solutions

Is your furnace blowing cold air? Do you hear strange noises coming from your furnace? Whatever the problem may be, we’re here to help. We provide reliable and fast furnace tune-up services in locations such as Havertown, West Chester, Drexel Hill, Broomall, Wayne, and Ardmore. Since 1977, we’ve been the go-to source for HVAC repair and installation services in Pennsylvania. Count on us to service your furnace flawlessly and provide you with the best customer service in the HVAC industry. Give our technicians a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with a defective furnace.

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