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Consider Installing a Heat Pump

Late summer is a good time to take stock of your HVAC system here in Bryn Mawr, PA. Summer has been with us for several months now and with at least another month of hot weather expects, older air conditioners will begin to show signs of the strain. It’s also a time to look forward to the winter, and consider whether your heating system may be due for replacement. A heat pump makes a terrific solution in both cases, providing both heating and cooling power in a single package. Here’s how it works.

Air Conditioning with a Twist

Regular air conditioning systems circulate refrigerant to cool the air. The refrigerant is first placed under great pressure — releasing heat into the outside air — then releases it into a series of evaporator coils. As it expands, it pulls heat from the surrounding air, then pushes the cool air into the home with a fan.

Heat pumps simply provide an option to reverse the flow of the refrigerant, cooling the air outside and releasing warm air inside. That allows it to serve as both a heater and an air conditioner at once.

What are the Benefits?

Besides serving as an all-in-one HVAC system, hat pumps provide their biggest advantage in the fall and winter, when they shift to heating mode. Because they use refrigerant to provide heat instead of consuming fuel, they cost must less to run on average than traditional heaters. Our cold winters used to be more of a detriment, and many heat pumps still entail hybrid heaters used in the event the temperatures dip too far down. But recent advances have made the technology much more effective, and if you’re in the market for a new heating system and/or AC, this could be a perfect fit.

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