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5 Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

5 Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant Floor Heating SystemLooking for a heating system that is efficient and safe? Radiant floor heating just might be the answer! This floor heating system has a ton of benefits and can serve as a whole-home heating system or supplemental heating. Before deciding which heating system is best for you, we have compiled a list of 5 benefits of radiant floor heating systems. In addition, we have summarized the drawbacks, system types, and more.

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Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems have many perks to them, often making them worth their price. The top 5 benefits of this trending way to heat your home are:

1.) Easy Operation

Radiant floor heating is easy to operate since it can be controlled with a thermostat. Just like a furnace, temperature and time can be controlled at the push of a button. They are also compatible with smart WiFi thermostats, increasing their ease-of-use. The best part? They require virtually no maintenance and often come with a 30-year guarantee.

2.) Efficient

Traditional radiators need to be running at 149-167 degrees Fahrenheit in order to successfully heat up a room. Floor heating systems only require a temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective. Since they require less energy, they can help decrease the cost of your energy bills. On average, electric radiant floor heating systems save 15% on heating bills because of their efficiency.

3.) Space-Saving

Since radiant floor heating is located under your flooring, it frees up space that traditional radiators would have taken up. You’ll have free walls and more space to decorate.

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Flooring4.) Safe

Unlike traditional radiators, radiant floor heating is safe. Say goodbye to worrying about sharp edges or hot surfaces, which can be dangerous for pets or younger family members. Since the radiant heating system is tucked under the floors, you won’t have to worry. Additionally, it is much better for the air quality in your home. Since you get heat from the floors, there is no air circulating in your home. This means that it keeps the air fresh and oxygen-rich.

5.) Easy Installation

Underfloor heating is easy to install and in many cases can come pre-spaced and readily attached to the mesh so that it can be rolled out and secured.

Drawbacks of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

When deciding whether radiant floor heating is for you, it is important to stay informed of the drawbacks as well as the benefits. On the whole, drawbacks are mostly due to the installation process. Here are the top 3 drawbacks of radiant floor heating:

Radiant Flooring Installation1.) Floors Need To Be Replaced

In order for floor heating to be installed, the original flooring needs to be removed. This means taking out all the furniture in a room and then putting it all back when the installation process is done. Not only is this tedious, but it can also lengthen the time it takes to install the system. That’s why these types of installations are best to do during a home remodel or construction.

2.) High Floor Heights

The height of your floor tends to change when you install an electric radiant floor heating system. This is because they are about ½ an inch or less—depending on the system—and usually are installed with insulation boards to maximize heat retention. These boards tend to add an inch to the height. Additionally, hydronic systems might raise the floor height significantly more.

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3.) Costly To Install

Radiant floor heating systems can be costly to install. Typically, they cost $10-$20 per square foot of heating/ Additionally, there is the cost of an electrician connecting the system to a power supply, which can cost about $200. Overall, it can cost you upwards of $500. Water-based systems will cost about two or three times more than an electrical system.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Floor heating is great because it offers an efficient alternative to furnaces, which require air to constantly be circulating the home. There are two types of floor heating systems. See which one works best for your home and life.

House1.) Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

This type of heating system relies on electricity passed through a network of cables installed under your flooring. The electricity the system is connected to heats up the cables, which then heat up the floor. Usually, this is perfect for supplemental heat. It is not recommended to use electric radiant floor heating systems to heat up your entire home because doing so could prove extremely costly.

2.) Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat Systems

Hydronic radiant heating works through the power of water. A boiler will heat up water and send it through tubing underneath the floor, effectively heating up your home. Hydronic heating is good to use as a whole-home heating system, unlike its electric counterpart.

How Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are Installed

Electric Systems

With electric radiant heating, there are three main components: heating cables, a temperature sensor, and a thermostat. The heating cables typically come woven into plastic mats. As for laying down the cables, it is a straightforward process. You just need to remove the flooring and use thinset to mount the cables to the subfloor. However, when connecting the cables to a power supply, your best bet is to hire an experienced electrician. After the cables have been fully secured, you can re-floor your room.

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Hydronic Systems

Hydronic systems require a bit more work since they involve a boiler, pump, fuel lines, and the panels that go beneath your floor. They are far more complex to install than electric systems. For these types of systems, it is best to have an HVAC technician do the work.

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