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The Risks of Loose Connections in Your Plumbing System

The Risks of Loose Connections in Your Plumbing System

One of the biggest threats to the plumbing in your home—and to your home in general—is leaking along the pipes. Although people tend to imagine pipe leaks as huge gouts of water spraying from holes in pipes and from broken connections, most leaks are small and difficult to detect… but just as serious a problem. Leaking that happens out of your sight will quickly begin to destroy building material, ruining drywall and plaster and warping wood. The leaks will also encourage mildew growth, which will hasten the damage. Along with all this will come much higher water bills. Even a small leak can waste 20 gallons of water a day.

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For professional plumbing in Havertown, PA that will stop leaks and the damage and waste they can cause, look to Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. There are a number of reasons for leaks to start: corrosion along pipes, aging piping made from outdated material, and an increase in water pressure from calcium deposits choking off the interior pipes. One of the mains reasons for leaks is poor connections between the pipes and other fixtures. If your pipes received an inadequate installation when they were originally put in, or if they’ve suffered damage from age, the connections can start to come loose and begin leaking. You’ll need these connections secured and the issues that caused the trouble repaired before the leaks grow worse.

However, this isn’t a task that you can do with a box of wrenches and a few twists along the pipes. The principle obstacle you face with loose connections is that it’s difficult to access most of your home’s pipes on your own. And even if you could get to the pipes, trying to make fixes to the loose connections with a standard set of wrenches and without the proper training will likely cause further damage to the connection and break the rubber seal between fittings. This will make it more difficult for a professional to apply the necessary repairs. Amateur tampering is actually one of the main causes for leaks from loose connections, so don’t contribute to an already serious problem: get a trained plumber to work on the issue using the right tools for the task.

Loose connections, like any leaking source, are a major problem that needs remedy immediately. If you notice a loose connection, it may mean other leaks occurring elsewhere out of your sight, so call in the Havertown, PA plumbing experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. right away.

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