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Heating Repair FAQ: Is My Thermostat the Problem?

Heating Repair FAQ: Is My Thermostat the Problem?

In cold places like Havertown, PA, heating repair services are not something you want to put off. The sooner a homeowner can call for repairs – preferably with at least some idea of the problem – the faster the technician can get the heater up and running, and the quicker your home can become a cozy, comfortable place to be again. When heating problems arise, it’s natural to look towards the heating unit itself for the source. But it’s possible that the trouble lies in a different spot, and if you can pinpoint it, you’ll help the repairman do his job that much faster. Specifically, “is my thermostat the problem?”

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The thermostat’s job is to read the temperature in your home and activate the furnace when that temperature hits a certain point. Older thermostats use mercury switches, while newer ones utilize digital components (and often feature bells and whistles such as programmable start and stop times). Because it essentially controls the operation of your heating unit, it can affect the heater when it runs into trouble. For instance, if the thermostat misreads the temperature in the air, then it will either turn on the heater when it isn’t supposed to or turn off the heater before it does its job.

There are many reasons for this. Dust and dirt coating the thermostat could affect its sensor readings, as can a faulty thermometer or a bad electrical connection. It might also be that the thermostat is located in a part of your home that gets drafts or excessive sunlight or some additional factor that prevents it from accurately reading the temperature in your home.

Either way, a trained expert can help. If the trouble is a faulty component in the thermostat, he can repair or replace it with little trouble. If the trouble is with the thermostat’s position, he can move it so that it does its job more effectively. If you’re asking “is my thermostat the problem?” contact the experts at Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. to help. We handle Havertown, PA heating repair issues of all varieties, and our technicians service most of the surrounding communities as well. Give us a call today!