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Spot Leaks Before Calling a Plumber: Some Tips

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

leaking-p-trapHidden leaks inside household plumbing are a huge source of water waste across the country. According to the U.S. government’s WaterSense program, household leaks can account for a loss of one trillion gallons annually. That’s equal to the water use in 11 million homes! On the smaller level, an individual homeowner can end up paying hundreds more for water use over a year from undiscovered leaks—and that’s before considering the building damage these leaks can do.

But here’s the problem with hidden leaks, and it’s right in the name: they’re hidden. How can you know to look for leaks in the first place? You’ll need to call a plumber in West Chester, PA to do the actual leak detection and plumbing repair necessary to fix the problem, but we have some advice for figuring out that it’s happening and where it’s happening. With a little detective work, you’ll know when your plumbing is in trouble.

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How to Spot Signs You Need Heater Repair

Monday, January 1st, 2018

furnace-repair-technicianHow would you like your heater to tell you that it needs repairs? It’d be great if the heater could just send you a text message, or maybe put a display on the thermostat: “Just wanted you to know my blower fan motor is about to burn out. Would you like to call and arrange for a repair service to fix it?” That would make everything easy.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and other types of heaters with this kind of smart-tech. Maybe in the future, but for right now, you’ll have to be alert to signs you have a malfunctioning heater.

Calling for repairs is already easy, even without a computerized heating system: just contact us for heater repair in West Chester, PA and we’ll see that the problem is fixed fast and fixed right.

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Prevent Heater Repair Services with Timely Maintenance

Monday, December 18th, 2017

wrenchesIf you never had maintenance done on your vehicle, would you expect it to need fewer repairs than if you had it maintained regularly? Absolutely not! One of the points of regular vehicle maintenance is to prevent inconvenient, even dangerous, breakdowns.

Your home’s heating system needs to be treated the same way as your car. Think of winter as if it were a big road trip for the heater. Just like a vehicle, it will be under immense strain and run for long stretches. You want to head off on the winter “road trip” with a heater that’s prepared to handle the work stress along the way.  

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