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How to Remove a Bathtub Drain Stopper

How to Remove a Bathtub Drain Stopper

Are you struggling to remove a stuck bathtub drain stopper in your bathroom? Discover our easy-to-follow guide for hassle-free removal. If you are wondering how to remove a bathtub drain stopper, we have you covered. First things first, identify your type of stopper. Common types include push-pull, lift-and-turn, trip lever, and toe-touch. Recognizing your stopper type is crucial for the removal process.

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For example, with push-pull stoppers, you just hold the base and unscrew the top counterclockwise. If it resists, a bit of lubricant can help. Are you working with a lift-and-turn stopper? Look for a set screw beneath the stopper, and loosen it with a screwdriver.

If your head is still spinning after reading this, don’t worry, we will describe everything in detail, so keep reviewing our extensive guide to learn more.

Steps for Removing Different Types of Drain Stoppers

Lift-and-Turn Drain Stoppers

Lift-and-turn bathtub drain stoppers are common in many homes. They work with a simple mechanism where you lift and turn them to open or close the drain. When it comes to how to remove bathtub drain stoppers, this type is straightforward. The first step is to identify if your stopper is a lift-and-turn model.

Remove the Old Parts

Removing the old parts is the first challenge. Start by lifting the stopper, then look for a set screw beneath the cap. If there is a screw, use a screwdriver to loosen it, remember don’t force it. If there is no screw, the stopper should unscrew by hand by twisting it counterclockwise. Be patient, it may take a few tries. Remember, if you are stuck at any point, our professional plumbing repair services are only a call away.

Disassemble the Stopper Body

Once the cap is off, you will see the stopper body. This is where it gets a little technical. The stopper body may be attached with a brass insert or it might just lift out. Take a close look, and use pliers if needed, but be gentle. You don’t want to damage the tub or the drain.

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Install the New Stopper Body

Installing the new stopper body is the final step. If you have removed the old one successfully, this part is easier. Place the new stopper into the drain, and make sure it aligns properly. If there is a set screw, tighten it, but not too much.

Test the stopper to ensure it opens and closes smoothly. In this process, you might encounter different types of stoppers. How to remove a push-pull drain stopper will be different than removing a toe touch drain stopper so be prepared to apply different approaches.

If you feel unsure at any stage, remember that a licensed plumber is equipped to handle any plumbing repair, including drain cleaning and shower repair. Sometimes, calling in the professionals is the best step to ensure your bathroom fixtures are handled with care.

How to Remove a Bathtub Drain Stopper

Toe-Touch Stoppers

Toe-touch stoppers are a breeze to use. They open and close with a simple push of the toe. However, when it’s time for removal, things can get a little tricky. Here is your guide on how to remove a toe-touch drain stopper:

  1. Start with the Basics: First, ensure your stopper is indeed a toe-touch type. It should easily push down and spring up.
  2. Inspect and Unscrew: Gently press down and unscrew counter-clockwise. Sometimes, it might require a little elbow grease.
  3. Look for Hidden Screws: Underneath the cap, there might be a screw. If so, grab a screwdriver and remove it.
  4. Remove the Stopper: After unscrewing, lift the bathtub stopper from the drain.
  5. Clean and Examine: Check for any debris or damage. This is crucial for smooth functioning when you reinstall or replace the stopper.

Push-Pull Stoppers

The push-pull stopper is a common sight in many bathtubs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove a push-pull drain stopper:

  1. Identify Your Stopper: Push-pull stoppers work by a simple push or pull action. Make sure yours is of this type.
  2. Open and Look Inside: Pull the stopper to its open position. Peek inside for a set screw.
  3. Unscrew If Necessary: If there is a screw, use a screwdriver to loosen it. Otherwise, just rotate the stopper counter-clockwise.
  4. Lift Out the Stopper: After unscrewing, remove the stopper gently from the drain.
  5. Inspect and Clean: Always check for any grime or hair buildup. A clean stopper ensures better performance.

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Pop-Up Stoppers

Pop-up stoppers are slightly more complex but still manageable. Here is how to tackle them:

  1. Understand the Mechanism: Pop-up stoppers usually have a lever at the overflow plate. This lever controls the stopper’s movement.
  2. Remove the Overflow Plate: Unscrew the overflow plate. Be careful with the linkage attached to it.
  3. Pull Out the Linkage: Gently pull out the linkage. The pop-up stopper should come out with it.
  4. Clean and Inspect: Clean any debris off the stopper and linkage. Check for wear and tear.
  5. Seek Professional Help if Stuck: If you are unable to remove the stopper, consider calling a professional plumber. They provide expert plumbing repair services, including drain cleaning and shower repair.

In each of these processes, remember that the right tools and a little patience goes a long way. Whether it’s a toe-touch, push-pull, or pop-up stopper, the goal is to ensure a smooth, damage-free removal. When in doubt, professional help is just a call away.

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You are now equipped with the know-how to tackle different types of bathtub drain stoppers. Whether it’s a toe-touch, push-pull, or pop-up stopper, the process is no longer a mystery. Let’s not forget, plumbing repair is not just about removing stoppers, it’s about ensuring that your bathroom continues to be a place of comfort and functionality.

While do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be empowering, sometimes the task at hand requires a professional touch. Fortunately, our team of professional plumbers in New Castle, PA offer extensive drain repair, drain cleaning, and shower repair services for homes.

Our team of certified plumbers come equipped with the right tools and expertise to handle small to large plumbing projects in your bathroom. If you need a professional plumbing service, the staff at WM Henderson can help. We don’t just remove and replace, we also provide invaluable advice on maintenance and upgrades.

Whether it’s installing a new, more efficient drain stopper or overhauling your entire plumbing system, we have got your back. While understanding how to remove a bathtub drain stopper is valuable, recognizing when to call in professionals is equally important. Give our team a call at (484) 206-8594 to receive support with replacing a bathtub drain stopper in your bathroom.