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5 Signs of an Air Duct Leak in Your House & How to Fix

5 Signs of an Air Duct Leak in Your House & How to Fix

5 Signs of an Air Duct Leak in Your House & How to FixThe air ducts branch out from the centralized air conditioner to the corners of your home. They are engineered to transport cold air from your system to every room in a more or less uniform fashion. Ducts are protected from damage or leaks most of the time, since they’re located in your walls or your attic.

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As the air ducts behind your walls become older, leaks may begin to form from an outside source or a loose bolt linking two pieces of duct together. An air duct leak can be fixed by a licensed contractor by replacing the faulty bolt, applying duct mastic, or embedding a fitted piece over the hole. Prior to calling a professional to fix a leak, it’s important to be familiar with the most common signs of air duct leaks.

Higher Utility Bills

An obvious indicator of an air duct leak is high monthly utility bills. If cold air is escaping from your air ducts, the central air conditioning system is forced to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If your air conditioning system is operating continuously for a long period of time, we recommend calling a professional to perform an air duct inspection.

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5 Signs of an Air Duct Leak in Your House & How to FixCold Spots on Drywall

If there is a leak or hole in an air duct behind a wall, the cold air blowing out of it will create a cold spot on the drywall in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. To diagnose air duct leaks in your house, we recommend feeling your walls to confirm temperature variations.

Humming Noises

Sometimes, the air moving out of leaking ductwork will create odd noises, such as groans or hums. These noises will usually stop and start in sync with the operating schedule of the central air conditioning system.

Warm Air

An air duct leak will either pull cool air out of your system or pull warm air in. Either way, you may notice the release of warm air from the supply vents in your home. If you have a properly sized air conditioner, the air from the vents in your house should always be cold. An easy way to confirm ductwork damage is to place your hand over a supply vent to confirm if the temperature is cold or warm.

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Low Air Flow

A leak in your ductwork may also reduce the flow of cold air from your vents. If there is a low supply of air being produced by the supply vents in your house, this is an indicator of an air duct issue.

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