Signs of an Air Duct Breach | WM Henderson

The air ducts branch out from the centralized air conditioner to the corners of your Springfield, PA home: transporting cool air from your system to every room and cooling the home in a more or less uniform fashion. Ducts are protected from damage most of the time, since they’re located in your walls or your attic. But damage can occur, either from an outside source, problems with repairs elsewhere in your home, or the simple failing of a bolt or screw linking two pieces of duct together. A good air conditioning repair company can seal the breach — either by replacing the faulty bolt, using material like duct mastic or creating a fitted piece to put in place over the hole — but first you need to spot the trouble. The list of symptoms can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Higher Bills. The air escaping the breach reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner, forcing it to work harder and costing you money in the process.
  • Cold Spots. If the breach is pointed at a wall, the cold air blowing out of it will create a cold spot on the wall, which you can detect simply by feeling it.
  • Noises. Sometimes, the air moving out of the breach will create odd noises, such as groans or hums. These noises will usually stop and start in sync with the air conditioner itself.
  • Warm Air. The breach will either pull cool air out of your system or pull warm air in. Either way, you may notice air form one or more ducts that is warmer than it should be.
  • Low Air Flow. The breach often creates reduced air flow from the vents, which, again, you can detect simply by observing the air coming out of the vents.

If you spot any of these signs, turn off the system immediately and call in the pros at WM Henderson Inc. today.

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