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5 Types of Furnace Problems Caused By Dirty Air Filters

5 Types of Furnace Problems Caused By Dirty Air Filters

The furnace in your home is designed to regulate the temperature of incoming air to ensure optimal comfort. This heating system is also engineered to distribute warm and clean air through a system of air ducts. To ensure the air in your home is safe to breathe, it is important to continuously replace the furnace air filter to prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating the air supply.

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So, how often should you change the furnace filter? The lifespan of an HVAC air filter ranges from 30 days to 6 months depending on the type of filter and heating schedule of the home. Failure to regularly replace the dirty furnace air filters will shorten the lifespan of your heating system and cause moderate to severe issues.

So, what types of issues may form if you forget to remove your old furnace air filter? 

Furnace Issues Caused By Dirty Air Filters

Damage to the Heat Exchanger

A clogged furnace air filter will negatively affect the airflow throughout your house and HVAC system. The lack of fresh air in your furnace will cause the heat exchanger to become too warm and deactivate. Dirty filters indirectly cause short cycling issues and will make it hard to keep your home warm. We recommend replacing the clogged air filter prior to the summer season to prevent damage to your air conditioner compressor.

High Heating Bills

The furnace utilizes a fan to circulate and recycle warm air throughout your home to maintain the temperature you have programmed into the thermostat. If the furnace air filter is dirty or clogged, the circulation fan will be required to utilize more power to distribute air. This will cause the total price of your heating bills to increase. It is important to continuously check and replace dirty air filters every 1 to 6 months to save money on energy usage.

Indoor Air QualityPoor Indoor Air Quality

A clogged air filter will not be able to effectively block dust, debris, and other materials from entering your home. This will have a negative impact on family members that have allergies, asthma, or other physical conditions. To enhance the quality of your air, we recommend continuously replacing your air filter and investing in a whole-house humidifier.

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Clogs May Cause the Furnace to Shut Down

In the most severe cases, a dirty furnace air filter may cause damage to the internal components of the furnace. If the furnace isn’t able to turn on, this is an indicator of damage to the fan, pilot light, heat exchanger, pressure switches, gas valves, or other components. Since most types of furnace repair projects are expensive, we recommend regularly changing the air filter in your furnace to ensure it is clean.

Inability to Reach a Comfortable Temperature

The internal fan of the furnace is engineered to blow air through the HVAC air filter to provide air throughout the home. If you have a dirty air filter, it will become harder to pass air through the system. This will cause cold spots to form in various rooms of the home during the Winter season. To keep the house comfortable, please remember to swap clogged air filters every 1 to 6 months.

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