5 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Consider & Pictures

5 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Consider & PicturesMaster bathrooms aren’t necessarily the first rooms homeowners think of when looking to remodel some of their spaces. But the right bathroom remodel to retrofit older fixtures, surfaces, cabinets, and more has excellent benefits. It improves a home’s value, it makes the space easier to use and more cheerful, and can help with household members who have mobility issues.

When you start out on a bathroom plumbing remodel, you’ll want to work with an expert in plumbing construction and design. They’ll help you come up with the best idea for the retrofit. These are 5 beautiful master bathroom remodel ideas to help enhance your lifestyle.

A New Sink

The sink is often the key of a successful upgrade, since it’s at the center of the room, and depending on the type it can have a huge effect on storage and overall design. You have many different choices for a new sink, such as pedestal and vessel sinks, undermount and overmount. While you are brainstorming bathroom remodeling ideas, you will want to consider the amount of storage and counter space you need. We recommend purchasing a sink that will both enhance your décor and give you optimal storage space.

Low-Flow Fixtures

We strongly recommend upgrading all the fixtures in the bathroom to low-flow models during a remodeling: low-flow sink faucet, showerhead, and toilet. Putting in these fixtures means you’ll start earning money back on your remodeling costs right away with these additions, which cut down significantly on water use. For example, a non-low-flow toilet can use from 3 to 6 gallons per flush depending on its age. A low flow model uses only around 1.5 gallons per flush. You can save the equivalent of 40 showers worth of water each year this way.

Walk-In shower With Storage SpaceWalk-In Shower With Storage Space

If you don’t use the bathtub portion of your shower-tub often, an excellent idea for your master bathroom remodel may consist of installing a walk-in shower. This can help save space and make the room more stylish. But don’t forget to have storage space, such as shelves, including inside the new shower.


You don’t see much of the piping in your bathroom with the exception of the p-trap under the sink. But for an older bathroom, replacing outdated pipes is one of the most important steps of a retrofit. You may have old galvanized steel pipes in danger of corroding and even introducing toxins into the freshwater. And leaking in bathroom plumbing can lead to catastrophic building damage. For your remodel, ask the plumbers to take care of repiping with copper, PEX, and CPVC pipe material so your new bathroom will have many years of problem-free operation ahead of it.

Water Heater Repair Services in PennsylvaniaSolar Water Heater

This isn’t part of the bathroom exactly, but it’s an upgrade we recommend as part of one. You use an immense amount of hot water in the bathroom each year, and going solar will cut down on those annual heating bills. It’s not a difficult installation, and a solar water heater is one of the best ways to get started with solar energy in general.

Always look to a plumber you can trust for any remodeling work you plan for your bathroom. We have over 41 years of history serving the area.

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