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Imagine a world in which you’d never have to worry about problems of any kind. No traffic, no unwanted social obligations, no plumbing emergencies, etc. Well, we are no more capable of guaranteeing with certainty that you’ll never encounter a plumbing emergency than we are of guaranteeing that you’ll never be slowed down by traffic in your daily commute again.

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The fact of the matter is that every plumbing system, even those composed of the best materials and installed and serviced by the most qualified emergency plumbers in Delaware County or the Main Line are susceptible to the occasional emergency problems. The good news is our team of technicians offers emergency plumbing services in Pennsylvania for homes in locations such as West Chester, Drexel Hill, Broomall, Bala Cynwyd, Ardmore, and Wayne.


The emergency plumbers at WM Henderson provide water heater repair and installation services to households in areas of Pennsylvania such as Havertown, West Chester, Wynnewood, Broomall, Ardmore, and Wayne. If you are having trouble with your hot water heater, give our team a call or schedule online. We offer emergency plumbing services in Chester County, Delaware County, and the Main Line.

Emergency Plumbing Services in West Chester, PA



If you notice water on the floor near your hot water heater, this is a sign of a damaged water tank. Perform a visual inspection of the water tank to confirm if you notice a crack or hole. The average life expectancy of a tank water heater will vary from 10 to 15 years depending on water quality, usage patterns, and brand. To prevent damage to your floors and drywall, call an emergency plumber in your area to receive a quote for a brand new hot water heater.


As a hot water heater reaches the end of its life cycle, calcium and magnesium will start to build up on the base of your water tank. If the warm water in your shower is brown or green, this is an indicator of water heater corrosion. An excess amount of minerals and rust in your water tank may also impact the taste of your water.

Does the water from your sink or faucet taste similar to metal? This is a sign of magnesium, calcium, and rust in your water heater. The licensed plumbers at WM Henderson provide emergency plumbing services in Havertown and other areas of Pennsylvania.

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If you are not receiving warm water throughout your home, we recommend performing an inspection of the pilot light on your gas water heater. It is not abnormal for the pilot light to get blown out one or more times each year. The pilot light in your hot water heater may be deactivated due to a blockage in the pilot light tube. On the other hand, a malfunctioning pilot light may also be caused by a disconnected thermocouple.


Have you been waiting for 30 minutes or more to receive hot water in your shower? If your water heater is heating your water inefficiently, this may be due to a contaminated burner orifice or an incorrect thermostat setting. In addition, a low supply of warm water in your household may be caused by low gas pressure.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Coatesville, PAGAS LEAK REPAIR & REPLACEMENT SERVICES

The licensed plumbers at WM Henderson provide reliable, fast, and safe emergency plumbing services for gas leaks in West Chester and other areas of Pennsylvania. To help you detect a problem, we have created a list of the top 3 causes and signs of natural gas leaks.



An average household has two or three appliances that utilize natural gas to produce heat, such as a water heater, fireplace, or stove. Each appliance is equipped with secure gas lines that are designed to deliver and vent natural gas. If a seal or connection becomes loose, a large abundance of gas will escape from the pipes. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, contact an emergency plumber in Delaware County and other areas if you notice signs or symptoms of a gas leak.


The devastating consequences of earthquakes are not always visually obvious. A small to large earthquake can cause cracks to form in your gas lines. As a result, it is not uncommon for deadly gas leaks to form due to earthquakes. Gas leaks are an ordinary issue in households with structural issues. In addition, natural gas or propane leaks are a problem on older properties that do not have flexible pipe connections. Consult with an emergency plumbing service technician in your suburb or city to receive a diagnosis and quote for a gas leak repair.

Emergency Plumbing Services in West Chester, PAINADEQUATE APPLIANCE VENTILATION

Gas furnaces and other types of heating systems are equipped with a fan and pipes to eliminate deadly carbon monoxide. If the fan in your heating system is broken, a large amount of natural carbon monoxide may leak into your home. Since this type of gas is odorless and colorless, many types of gas leaks remain undetected.



Gas leaks are dangerous because they negatively impact the amount of oxygen in the air of your house. If you notice dead houseplants in a specific room or area, this may be caused by a crack or hole in your gas lines.


If you noticed a high-pitch hissing sound near your gas pipes, this is a sign of a large gas leak behind your walls, ceiling, or flooring. Please refrain from inspecting your gas pipes without an emergency plumber. Exposure to natural gas for a long period of time can cause headaches, fatigue, and nausea.


To confirm if you have a gas leak in your house, blend a small quantity of soap with a medium canister of water. Next, apply a paper towel or sponge directly to a gas pipe or to a drywall near a pipe. If you notice miniature bubbles near your gas pipe, this is an indicator of an emergency gas line leak in your home.

Water Line Leak Repair & Installation Services in West Chester, PAWATER LINE LEAK REPAIR & INSTALLATION SERVICES

The life cycle of the water lines beneath your property will vary depending on the materials. For example, brass water pipes are engineered with a life cycle that varies from 40 to 70 years while copper pipes include a life expectancy of 50 years. On the other hand, cast iron pipes are built with a lifespan that ranges from 70 to 100 years.

Do you notice wet flooring or furniture in your household? This may be a sign of a water leak. The certified plumbers at WM Henderson provide trustworthy and efficient emergency plumbing services to households in Broomall and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.



Water line leaks behind walls may cause mildew to form in your home. Mildew is a brown or white substance that features a dusty texture. It usually grows on moist surfaces such as tile and stainless steel. If you have not cleaned your shower in a long time, you will begin to notice a thin layer of mildew in the moist corners of your shower.

Luckily, the spores from mildew are not harmful to your health. On the other hand, a large number of people have allergies to mildew. If you notice a severe amount of mildew, in your shower or on your walls, this may be a signal of a broken water line. Immediately speak to an emergency plumber in your area to receive assistance with a water line repair.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Conshohocken, PAMOLD

If you do not catch and fix a water leak in your home quickly, a large abundance of mold may begin to form on your walls and ceiling. The most common colors of mold are red, black, and dark green. Once mold is exposed to a most area of your kitchen or bathroom, spores will be produced in 24 to 28 hours.

Unfortunately, a large amount of mold may lead to respiratory problems in children and adults. Mold can often be identified by an unpleasant odor. Do you notice mold on your walls? If your drywall near the mold appears to be wet, this is a clear sign of a cracked or broken water line. WM Henderson provides emergency plumbing services in areas Pennsylvania including Havertown, Drexel Hill, West Chester, and Broomall.

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Once a water line beneath your property collapses or becomes damaged, you may begin to notice puddles of water in your backyard. Ordinary signs of water pipe leaks include dead grass and sinkholes. To ensure your yard is safe for your children and pets, we recommend calling an emergency plumber in your area to perform a water line replacement.


Water from cracked water pipes on your property may leak into the foundation of your home and cause a fracture to form. If this problem is not diagnosed in its early stages, the cracks may spread to your walls. To keep the foundation of your house in excellent condition, it’s important to invite a licensed plumber to your house once a year to perform an inspection.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Camera Inspection ServicesDRAIN CLEANING SERVICES

Do you notice a gurgling sound near your bathroom or kitchen sink? This is a signal of a clogged drain. Although it may seem easy to fix a clogged drain with drain cleaning chemicals, this is not the proper way to eliminate a blockage in a water or sewer line. These chemicals are abrasive and can cause damage to your pipes. WM Henderson offers emergency plumbing services to households in West Chester and other areas of Pennsylvania.



Once you flush eggshells down the drain, they become stuck in your pipes due to grease, fat, and oils. To prevent a clogged drain, we recommend disposing of your eggshells in the trash.


Although it may be safe to flush toilet paper down the drain, we do not recommend flushing paper towels. Paper towels are designed to absorb water and moisture. As a result, a paper towel can easily become stuck in your water and sewage lines. To prevent an emergency plumbing clog, please dispose of your paper towels in the garbage or recycle bin.


Grease and oils are the most dangerous substances to flush down the kitchen drain. These two materials become stuck to the walls of your pipes. If this issue is not resolved, other types of food particles will become stuck in your water lines over time.

Emergency Plumbers in West Chester, Conshohocken, & Other Areas of PAEMERGENCY PLUMBERS IN WEST CHESTER, HAVERTOWN, & OTHER AREAS OF PA

Our team of emergency plumbers in Delaware county and the Main Line is always there for you. It really is just that simple. We are fully dedicated to the satisfaction of all of our clients. Our emergency 24-hour plumbing services are available 7 days a week. You cannot plan on encountering a plumbing emergency, after all, and you should not be penalized just because you happened to encounter one outside of normal business hours.

Our emergency plumbers also quote prices before work begins on a job, and we charge by the job—not the hour. That way, there are no more unpleasant surprises for you once the work is done and the bill is drafted up. Our emergency plumbers in Chester and Delaware counties also have direct communication with the office and their customers, thanks to their state–of–the–art communication devices. No matter what time you may need us, no matter what the emergency may be, you can count on the fact that nothing will slip through the cracks. Homeowners in Pennsylvania rely on our emergency plumbing services to resolve small to large issues.

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