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Advantages of Using PEX Piping for a Plumbing Installation

Advantages of Using PEX Piping for a Plumbing Installation

For many decades, galvanized steel was the principle material used for plumbing. However, because of steel’s weight and tendency to corrode over time, copper eventually replaced it. Copper remains prevalent today, but plastics are now equally common. Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping has become particularly popular in homes, commercial facilities, and industrial warehouses.

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There are a number of good reasons that PEX piping is now favored in home plumbing. Most licensed plumbers are familiar with this type of pipe and the advantages when compared to older metals and plastics. I

The Advantages of PEX Piping

What is PEX Piping?

The creation of PEX plumbing pipes was a major revolution in the industry that made the installation of new plumbing systems easier and less expensive than ever before. PEX pipes are different from PVC pipes, the other leading kind of plastic for plumbing. This type of material doesn’t require glue at its joints and is less likely to burst because of freezing.

PEX Plumbing Pipes vs Copper & Metal Piping

PEX piping is extremely durable and also flexible. Although copper is also a durable material, it is rigid and lacks the adaptability of PEX plumbing. The rigidity of copper means it is more prone to break when put under outside pressure.

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PEX plumbing pipes are also highly cost-effective compared to metal pipes. For one thing, the material for these pipes is far less expensive when compared to copper. PEX plumbing pipes are also less labor-intensive to install and are easy to fit into most spaces. Since this type of piping is easy to remove and replace, you will save money on labor costs. Another way PEX plumbing pipes save money is they have less resistance to water flow than metal pipes, and that will reduce utility bills.

Although this advantage doesn’t have an effect on the homeowner, plumbers and technicians particularly like the different colors that PEX piping comes in. Blue PEX pipes are utilized to distribute cold water while red piping is used to deliver hot water in your home.

Copper Pipes Are Easy to Connect to PEX Plumbing PipesCopper Pipes Are Easy to Connect to PEX Plumbing Pipes

Although PEX piping is a top choice for plumbing installations, your home’s plumbing system doesn’t need to have only one type of pipe. Copper pipes combine easily with PEX plumbing pipes, so plumbers can use copper in places where they might work better than plastic, and then switch over to PEX pipes when they need the flexibility.

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The team of licensed plumbers at WM Henderson provide PEX piping repair, replacement, and installation services to homes in Pennsylvania. We provide emergency plumbing services in areas such as Coatesville, West Chester, Broomall, and Conshohocken. In addition to pipe repair, the staff at WM Henderson also offers other types of plumbing services including water heater repair, gas line installation, sump pump repair, and drain cleaning. Give us a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 or book an appointment online to receive assistance. Our experienced technicians will help you find the right pipes to use for the job. We’re here when you need us!