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How to Measure & Improve Indoor Air Quality

How to Measure & Improve Indoor Air Quality

How to Measure & Improve Indoor Air QualityWe spend a lot of our lives indoors. In fact, research has found that we spend approximately 90% of our time inside. So the indoor air quality of our living and working spaces is incredibly relevant to our overall health. For young children and the elderly, it’s even more important to have healthy indoor air quality.

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The amount of pollutants in the air inside a structure, whether a private home or a public building, is the indoor air quality (IAQ). To help you maintain your health, we have created an outline of how to measure indoor air quality, various types of pollutants, and ways to improve air quality.

What Pollutes Indoor Air?

There are three main indoor air pollutants that devices measuring indoor air quality are looking for.

  • – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are pollutants with a distinct odor such as air fresheners or household cleaners.
  • – Carbon Monoxide (CO) is generated by heaters and generators and can lead to health problems if not addressed.
  • – Particulate Matter (PM) is a combination of particles that lingers in the air, such as smoke and pollen.

Ways to Measure the Indoor Air Quality

Measuring the quality of indoor air can be done in a few different ways. Expert HVAC technicians can also assist in the measurement process.

Buy An Indoor Air Quality Monitor

With an indoor air quality monitor, you can uncover various pollutants and measure the air quality in your home. This device can measure:

  • – Humidity and Temperature
  • – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • – Particulate Matter (PM)
  • – Air Quality Index

How to Measure & Improve Indoor Air QualityAssess Your Health

Be mindful of how you’re feeling when you’re inside. Do you frequently experience cold-like symptoms such as a scratchy throat, congestion, watery eyes, or allergy symptoms? These are all common indicators of poor indoor air quality. Keep in mind where you experience poor health symptoms. If you’re constantly feeling symptoms at work, then your home air quality might not be the issue. Consult your doctor as well for their professional medical opinion.

Whole-Home Air Cleaners

Whole-home air cleaners are installed to remove harmful particles using advanced filtration systems. These cleaners can remove:

  • – Mold Spores
  • – Pet Dander
  • – Pollen and Dust
  • – Bacteria

High-Efficiency Air Purifiers

Air filters have efficiency ratings called a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) used to classify air filters and cleaners. High-efficiency air filters have high MERV ratings and can trap more pollutants.

UV Germicidal Light Systems

If you recently measured your indoor air quality and are looking for ways to improve it, we recommend buying a UV germicidal light system. UV germicidal lights are are installed in forced-air HVAC systems to clean the air as it passes through the ducts. UV germicidal light systems work best when used with another form of air filtration.

UV Light Can Kill:

  • – Allergens
  • – Mold Spores
  • – Microscopic Germs
  • – Bacteria and Viruses

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Now that you have measured your indoor air quality, how do you go about improving it? Contacting your local HVAC expert can ensure you have the right tools to combat poor indoor air quality. Your HVAC technician may provide you with one of the following solutions.

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With the right air filters, UV germicidal lights, and whole-home air cleaners, you can improve the quality of your indoor air. Our team of technicians provide innovative indoor air quality services for homeowners in Broomall, Pennsylvania and other areas. In addition, our staff offers other types of HVAC services such as air conditioning repair, furnace replacement, heat pump maintenance, and air conditioning installation. Our technicians can assess your air quality and provide custom solutions fit for you. Experience better indoor air quality and keep the air flowing through your home clean. Call (484) 206-8594 for service or schedule your appointment with an expert technician online.