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5 Ways to Clean a Smelly Drain

5 Ways to Clean a Smelly Drain

Not sure what’s causing your drain to smell or how to get rid of it? We have a solution for you. Check out the cleaning guide below to find the right quick fix for the smelly drain in your kitchen or bathroom.

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How to Fix a Smelly Drain In Your Kitchen & Bathroom

1. Pour Hot Water Down the Drain

A hot water flush is the cheapest and easiest way to rid your drain of pesky smells. Pour a mixture of hot water and soap down the drain, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it with cold water. If the smell persists, repeat the process until it subsides.

2. Flush Hot Vinegar Into the Drain

If a hot water flush doesn’t work, we recommend flushing vinegar down the drain. The acidity of vinegar can be utilized to eliminate smelly drains in your living space. Warm a few cups of vinegar, and pour half of it down the drain. Run water from the sink for a minute or so before pouring the remaining vinegar.

5 Ways to Clean a Smelly Drain3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

A vinegar-baking soda combo may be more effective. The baking soda mixes with the vinegar to create a fizzy solution that breaks down food particles and grease stuck in the drain. Add two parts vinegar for every one part baking soda, pour the mixture down the train, and let the solution work its magic.

4. Remove Organic Materials in the Trap

Organic materials such as vegetable scraps and hand soap can collect in your sink drain and start to smell. If those materials sit in the drain too long, bacteria growth may intensify the smell. An easy way to fix a smelly drain is to run warm water from the faucet. The hot water will help flush the materials out of the trap and eliminate the odor in your kitchen.

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5. Clean Your Dirty Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals break down pesky food scraps, they also trap food particles and become breeding grounds for lingering smells. Try removing the trapped food particles by pouring a generous amount of ice cubes down the drain and running the disposal.

4 Causes Of a Smelly Drain

5 Ways to Clean a Smelly Drain

1. Clogs & Bacteria

Food, hair, grease, and other objects can collect in your drains over time and clog the pipes. If you notice a smelly drain in your home, the source of the issue may be a blockage in your pipes. An object in your drain pipes can prevent proper water flow and can create a foul smell.

2. Strong Smelling Foods

As good as they taste, stinky foods such as seafood and onions can leave behind unwelcome odors in your drains.

3. Spoiled Foods

When you rinse food items down the sink, small food particles can stick to the side of the drain. If you notice a smelly drain in your kitchen, the odors may be caused by food or grease on the interior walls of your pipes. The food particles can begin to rot and produce an unpleasant odor.

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4. Sewer Gases

Your sinks are equipped with devices—known as P-Traps—that block sewer gases from entering the drain lines and causing health problems. However, these devices can malfunction and allow gas to enter your home. You generally can identify a gas leak by its characteristic rotten egg smell.

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