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Indoor Air Quality


A High-Efficiency Air Filter Might Spell Disaster

Here’s a simple mistake some homeowners make if they try to pick air filters.


Fight Dry Air This Winter with a Whole-House Humidifier

Heating is an important part of household comfort in the winter, but only part. Low humidity levels need to be addressed as well.


Make Your Home Cleaner with Air Scrubber Plus

Regular air filters do only a partial job of cleaning the air in your home. Air Scrubber Plus air cleaners do a much better job,.


UV Air Purifiers Help Stop Spring Allergies

If your home suffers from spring allergies, a UV air purifier might help. Our team can install one for you!


Indoor Air Quality Products to Help Your Home

Indoor air quality products can help your home feel more comfortable. They cut down on serious problems in your home as well.


Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important all year round, but it becomes especially important in the winter. Dry air breeds lots of dust and dirt, as well as encouraging the spread of colds and flu bugs.


How Does Ultraviolet Light Make Your Household Healthier?

With winter here in Bryn Mawr, PA, you’ve likely had to deal with a round or two of winter colds by now. No one likes to get sick and when the snows fall, it can feel like it’s happening to your home every week. Luckily, you can do more to stop it than just stock up on chicken soup and
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Stop Germs this Winter with a UV Air Purifier

Winters in Bryn Mawr, PA are as cold as they cold, and this year looks to be one of the coldest on record. Cold air means dry air, since the ambient moisture is pulled out of the atmosphere and will dry out your sinuses as a result. That leaves your body more vulnerable to colds and other germs, which is
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Install a Humidifier in Your Home Today

Labor Day makes a great point on the calendar to turn your attention away from the needs of summer and towards the needs of winter, which will be here before you know it in Bryn Mawr, PA. Your heating system is usually the primary focus, but there’s more to a comfortable winter home than just warm temperatures.


Why Is High Humidity Such a Problem?

Heat and humidity go hand in hand here in Havertown, PA and sometimes it can be difficult parsing one from the other. But in fact, they’re two different issues and while they often feed into each other, their solutions are often quite distinct.