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6 Typical Symptoms of a Slab Leak & Ways to Respond

6 Typical Symptoms of a Slab Leak & Ways to Respond

6 Typical Symptoms of a Slab Leak & Ways to RespondAlthough homeowners use their sinks and washing machines every day, a majority of them are unaware of how water is distributed from the treatment facility to their home. There is a network of copper pipes that are located beneath your concrete foundation. Each of these main water pipes are connected to water supply pipes in your house that are designed to circulate hot and cold water to your fixtures, water heater, and appliances. As the copper pipes beneath your home start to reach the end of their life cycle and crack, this issue is referred to as a slab leak. To help you detect a broken water pipe on your property, we have compiled a list of 6 signs of a slab leak and ways to respond.

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Ordinary Signs of a Severe Slab Leak

A slab leak is a small to large water leak that is located beneath the concrete slab foundation on your property. This type of water leak is caused by the deterioration of the copper water pipes in the ground. The two most common locations for a slab leak are near the drainage pipes and supply pipes. Water leaks near the drain pipes can be hard to detect because this type of leak displays minimal symptoms.

On the other hand, a water leak near the supply pipes can cause noticeable symptoms such as raised floors, strange odors, and cracks in the foundation. In severe cases, a water leak that is caused by a cracked pipe can cause your foundation to collapse. In addition, the excess moisture from a slab leak can promote mold growth and termite damage.

6 Typical Symptoms of a Slab Leak & Ways to RespondRaised Foundation

If a slab leak is not repaired when the symptoms are detected, the slab will start to become swollen. This issue will cause the foundation to lift the house in an upward direction. Once the foundation begins to rise or sink, the instability will cause cracks and holes to develop in your walls and ceiling. Do not hesitate to call a licensed plumber to perform an inspection of the water and sewage pipes beneath the concrete slab foundation. If the damaged water pipe is not replaced, the excess moisture in the ground will cause irreparable damage to your house.

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Hot Areas in the Floor

When a hot water pipe bursts below the slab foundation on your property, the warm water will start to rise to the floors in your household. If you notice a warm area on the floor while you are walking in your kitchen or bathroom, this is a sign of a severe slab leak. Detecting a broken water pipe beneath carpet is easy because this type of flooring is thin. On the other hand, it can be extremely difficult to detect warm spots in tile and wood flooring. Since this type of flooring is thick, the heat from the broken hot water pipe can be absorbed by the glue beneath your tile or wood floors. Do not ignore a warm area in your flooring. Excess moisture beneath the subfloor can cause mold and mildew growth in your foundation.

Uneven Floors

Once a leak develops in the concrete slab, the water from the broken pipe will start to be absorbed into the dirt that is beneath the foundation of your home. If the slab leak is not fixed quickly, the excess moisture will travel into the subfloors and the and floors on your property. Unfortunately, a small leak in your foundation can cause the wood floors in your kitchen and family room to warp. In addition, the wood floors will start to rise in the location that is impacted by the cracked water pipe. If you notice a small hill in an area of your kitchen, you have detected an ordinary sign of a lab leak.

6 Typical Symptoms of a Slab Leak & Ways to RespondUnpleasant Odors

Once a crack forms in a water pipe below your foundation, the moisture will start to become absorbed in the wood floors or carpet in your household. Unfortunately, an absorbent amount of moisture will promote the growth of mold in the padding of your carpet or in the subfloors beneath your wood planks. Although it can be hard to visually detect the growth of mold, a majority of homeowners will notice unpleasant odors in a specific room of their house that is impacted by a slab leak. If the odor is isolated to a single room in your house, this is a sign of a cracked or collapsed pipe.

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High Water Bills

When a water bill starts to drastically increase, it’s important to analyze your water usage habits to confirm if you are wasting water. In addition, perform a brief inspection of the fixtures in your home to see if they are dripping water. A small water leak in your kitchen or bathroom sink can waste gallons of water each week. If you are not wasting water and you encounter expensive water bills, this is an indicator of a slab leak below the foundation of your property.

Clogged DrainClogged Drains, Toilets, & Showers

When a single drain is clogged, the source of the issue is most definitely an object that is stuck in your sewage pipe. On the other hand, it is abnormal for two or more drains in your home to become clogged at the same time. If you cannot flush water down the sink or toilet, you have detected a slab leak that needs to be repaired by a certified technician. Prior to calling a professional, create a running list of each drain and appliance that is clogged. This will help you pinpoint the damaged water pipe in the concrete slab of your home.

Water Line & Plumbing Repair Services

If you notice strange odors and warm areas in your flooring, this is a sign of a slab leak. Our team of licensed plumbers offers dependable emergency plumbing services such as water pipe repair, water softener installation, gas line replacement, and water heater repair. We have been providing dependable plumbing solutions to homes in Pennsylvania since 1977. In addition, we are proud to be a part of the Small Business Association of Delaware County. Give our team of plumbers a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help with a broken water pipe beneath your concrete foundation.

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