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3 Ways to Keep Your Generator Prepared

Monday, March 28th, 2016

No matter what the time of year, there’s always the chance of inclement weather or a similar disaster cutting off the power to your home. Wynnewood, PA has terrific civic electrical services, but Pennsylvania is no stranger to bad weather, and even the best system will go down when Mother Nature vents her fury. A whole-house generator makes an ideal defense against that possibility. But you need to do more than simply install it. You need to be prepared and keep your generator ready to go, because trouble often strikes without warning. Here are 3 ways to do so, ensuring that you won’t be caught flat-footed when trouble arises.

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Factors Involved in Sizing a New Air Conditioner

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Spring is here in Media, PA, and that means our hot and muggy summers are right around the corner. If your air conditioner is worn out, now is the time to start planning for a replacement. The first step towards getting a new air conditioner in your home is proper sizing, to find a system that can adequately meet your cooling needs without wasting energy. Here’s a quick rundown of the factors involved in sizing a new air conditioner.

Balance That Size

Air conditioners need to be sized properly because if they go over or under, then waste energy and add stress to the system. If the air conditioner isn’t powerful enough, it will labor to cool your air, running far longer than they should and raising your bills accordingly. If the air conditioner is too powerful, it will turn off too quickly, only to turn on again a short time later. (AC units use far more power turning on and off than they do simply running, so this equation doesn’t help you.) You want a system that is neither too large nor to small, but just right.

What’s Involved

Generally speaking, you should look for an air conditioner that produces a listed tonnage of air corresponding to the square footage of your home: the square footage times 25, divided by 12,000 and minus 0.5. But those are just the basics. For more reliable sizing, you need to factor in things like the amount of insulation in your home, the amount of sunlight it gets, the presence of drafty spots, the square footage on a second or third story, and the size of rooms like the kitchen and laundry room, which produce more heat when being used. That’s why you need a professional to size your air conditioner and make sure it matches your home’s parameters completely.

Call WM Henderson, Inc. to size and install an air conditioner in your home.

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Check These Before Calling AC Repair Services

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

We’re still on the tail end of heating season, but temperatures in Broomall, PA are rising every day and before you know it, summer will be here. This is the time when prudent homeowners will be checking their air conditioning systems to make sure they’re up and running in time for the first heat wave. This is an excellent time to do so because it gives you a chance to schedule repairs in a timely fashion if they’re needed. Having said that, some homeowners have been known to make mistakes when checking their AC systems early in the season: seeing a problem where none exists and calling in a repair service before conducting thorough troubleshooting to make sure the issue is easily correctable.

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Get Your Generator Ready for Spring

Monday, March 14th, 2016

A generator for your home is a year-round appliance, able to handle blackouts and power outages no matter what the time of year. Wayne, PA and the surrounding communities experience all manner of bad weather. We’re just coming out of the snowy season, but thunderstorms and heavy rain will be with us throughout the summer, and as good as our civic electrical grid is, Mother Nature still has the final word sometimes. That means that your generator needs to be ready to go on a moment’s notice. With the snows finally melting, now is a good time to get yours ready for spring. Here’s a few steps to do so.

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Watch Out for Late Season Heating Problems

Monday, March 7th, 2016

We’re getting to the end of winter her in Bryn Mawr, PA, and while there’s plenty of cold days to come, those temperatures are going to start creeping up very soon. Now is the time of year when we tend to see a lot of repair calls coming in on heating systems that have worked for several months nonstop. That constant use can take a toll and if you’re not careful you could find yourself with a heating repair call late in the season. The sooner you can spot such heating problems, the faster you can call in ac repair service and the better off you’ll be. Here’s a quick list of issues to watch for.

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