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Why is there Frost Forming on my Heat Pump?

Why is there Frost Forming on my Heat Pump?

It may seem counterintuitive: frost forming on a device intended to produce heat for your home in the winter. But not only is it common for heat pumps here in Springfield and Havertown, PA to develop frost while operating, it’s the sign of a big problem. Heat pumps rely on the same basic system as air conditioning: circulating refrigerant through a closed loop that first generates hot sir (to warm your house in the winter) and then cool air (to cool it in the summer). Frost can form for a number of reasons, though almost all of them denote a need to summon a repair technician and deal with the issue.

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The most common cause of frost forming on the heat pump is a lack of refrigerant in the system. Your heat pump is supposed to keep the refrigerant in a closed loop, but if a leak develops, it’s going to upset the balance of the system, forcing your heat pump to work harder and raising both your monthly bills and the chances of a larger breakdown. The same thing can happen if the heat pump’s defroster won’t work, letting the snow and ice build-up on your system. And sometimes, ice can form through purely outside conditions, such as snow building up on the unit, or meltwater from a thaw dripping on the system


The effects of frost forming on your system are nothing to take lightly. When your evaporate cols ice up, it prevents the heat pump from adequately warming or cooling your home, and the extra strain involved can easily result in a breakdown. Excessive ice can also interfere with moving parts, and even block important vents and similar components, which can be disastrous to your system.

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