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3 Tools Professional Plumbers Use

3 Tools Professional Plumbers Use

It used to be that a plumber should do everything he or she needed with some know-how and a good set of wrenches. The know-how is still there, but the technology has improved to keep the field caught up with the 21st century. Today’s plumbers have an array or specialized tools at their disposal, most of which are more expensive than laymen can afford, but which have become an invaluable part of the professional plumbers’ trade. If you ever have problems with your pipes here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, then these are some of the tools that can help.

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Video Cameras

Video technology has created HD cameras smaller than your fingernail, which you likely have on your cell phone. Put that same camera on a line and attach it to a tablet on the other end, and it gives the plumber unprecedented access to the inside of your pipes. That lets us determine the exact nature of the problem and prepare a 100% accurate response: improving efficiency while cutting repair time down severely.

Snake Heads

Most plumbers use mechanized snakes to clear up stubborn clogs. They have more power than regular store-bought snakes and can punch their way through clogs more readily. Many plumbers also use interchangeable snake heads, which can be adjusted to fit the exact nature of the clog. When used in conjunction with video cameras, it makes clearing up clogs very effective.

Sonic Detectors

Slab leaks and similar leaks in hard-to-reach places are damaging because they are very hard to detect. Plumbers get around this with seismic detectors, which can pinpoint the drip-drip of a slow leak. It prevents fishing expeditions in your walls or under your porch to find the source of the leak and lets you plan a repair with all of the information at hand.

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