What to Do When Your Basement Floods


The basement in your home may be utilized for gaming, working out, watching movies, and storing hardware or furniture. Basements are a necessary amenity to attract potential buyers and increase the value of your home. In order to protect your investment, it’s necessary to be knowledgeable about basement flooding issues and how to combat moderate to severe floods. 

To prevent basement floods, we recommend installing a sump pump in your basement to regulate the flow of water from your home. However, a sump may not always prevent water from entering the enclosure. A malfunctioning or broken sump pump may not be able to adequately drain the basement, resulting in damage to your carpet, tile, TV, computers, video gaming hardware, or music equipment. Are you wondering what to do when your basement floods due to a faulty sump pump? View our tips to prevent mold growth and structural damage.

Remove Water From the Enclosure

If you have recently encountered a severe thunderstorm that caused basement flooding, we recommend removing the water from the basement quickly to prevent the formation of mold spores. We recommend using a wet vac to remove excess water from your carpeting or tile flooring. A standard wet vac is able to be purchased or rented at your local hardware store or online. Use the wet vac with a dozen towels to remove the water from the floor and surrounding furniture. 

Eliminate All Clogs in the Basement Drain

The next thing to do when your basement floods are to check each of the drains in your basement to ensure they are working properly. Remove materials such as leaves, dirt, sticks, toys, or clothing from the drain to restore water flow. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should purchase a plumbing snake to clean the drain. Since a clogged or malfunctioning basement drain is not able to protect your property from water damage, we recommend regularly inspecting and cleaning it. Need assistance with a flooded basement? We offer quick and trustworthy sump pump repair services to homes in West Chester and other areas in Pennsylvania. Give us a call by phone at (484) 474-5373 to receive assistance.

Remove Moisture With Dehumidifiers

If you are in the process of repairing a flooded basement, we recommend adding dehumidifiers to the area to help lower the moisture levels. This will also help prevent the formation of mold in the surrounding area. So, how long will the dehumidifiers take to eliminate moisture from the air and floor in the basement? This will depend on the severity of the flooding. If the humidifiers have been activated for 5 – 7 days, we recommend removing and washing their air filters. This will help the dehumidifier remove moisture from the basement in a fast manner.

Move Furniture & Hardware to a Dry Area

You will need to move all of the furniture and equipment from the flooded basement to a dry area to prevent further damage. Items such as musical instruments, televisions, DVD players, computers, tablets, couches, chairs, gaming consoles, speakers, and stereos should be moved to the outdoors or a dry area of the home. If it’s no longer raining outside, move all furniture and electronics to a sunny area outdoors. It will take 48 hours or more for furniture to dry depending on the severity of the basement flooding issue.

Install a New Sump Pump

Another excellent thing to do when the basement floods is a sump pump inspection. Have a professional plumber inspect the internal parts and components of the sump pump to ensure it is operating effectively. If you need a new sump pump in your home, we recommend installing either a pedestal or submersible sump pump to regulate the flow of water. Pedestal sump pump features a lower upfront price and an upright form. This type of sump pump includes an impeller in its base to protect the home from water. On the other hand, submersible sump pumps are designed to operate underwater and boast a lifespan from 5 to 15 years. Submersible pumps are excellent in spaces such as offices and home theaters since they are quiet.

From sump pump repair, water heater installation, to water line repair, you can trust our plumbers to handle any plumbing emergency you have. We offer sump pump repair and installation services to homes in areas of Pennsylvania such as West Chester, Coatesville, Conshohocken, and Broomall. Give us a call by phone at (484) 474-5373 or schedule an appointment online to receive assistance.

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