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3 Types of Water Filtration Systems & How They Work

3 Types of Water Filtration Systems & How They Work

People tend to think of plumbing problems in terms of clogs or leaks, which rank among the most common issues with most household plumbing systems. However, plumbing problems can also extend to the water itself, and while civic systems usually do a fantastic job of keeping our water clean and potable, no system is perfect.

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If your home suffers from a recurring problem with its water, a water filtration system can usually solve it quite nicely. Investing in water filters will improve the quality of your water and help you save money on expensive store-bought water bottles.

Every home is different, and the problems faced by each home can be just as unique. That, in turn, can affect the best type of water treatment system you need, since different systems attend to different problems. To help you enhance the safety and quality of your water, we have compiled a list of various types of water filtration systems for homes.

Best Types of Water Treatment Systems

3 Types of Water Filtration Systems & How They WorkReverse Osmosis Water Systems

Water filtration devices are designed to eliminate impurities such as bacteria and other types of contaminants from your drinking water. Water testing can be performed to determine the presence of any specific contaminants. Once you perform a water inspection, you will be required to research various types of water filters that are engineered to remove the impurities from your water. If you have sediment and chlorine in your water, you will need to invest in a reverse osmosis water treatment system to remove particles from the water.

This type of water filtration system features a filter that is engineered to remove chlorine and debris from your water. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are also equipped with a membrane that eliminates solid particles from the water. After the water is flushed through the membrane, it is processed by a filter prior to reaching your sink, faucet, or shower fixture.

UV Water Purifiers

UV water purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill germs, mold and bacteria. This type of water filtration and purification system exposes the bacteria in your water to germicidal ultraviolet light that features a wavelength of 254-nm. This type of ultraviolet light is utilized to prevent contaminants such as bacteria and germs from reproducing in your drinking water.

3 Types of Water Filtration Systems & How They WorkWater Softeners

A water softener is a type of water filtration system that is engineered to remove excess calcium and magnesium from your water. While these two types of minerals are not harmful to your health, they will negatively impact the life cycle of plumbing fixtures or appliances such as water heaters, sinks, and faucets. For example, a large buildup of magnesium and calcium will decrease the total size of your water heater tank. This will decrease the size of the warm water supply in your house.

Although hard water may not be harmful to consume, the minerals will change the taste of your drinking water. In addition, the calcium and magnesium in hard water makes it hard to bathe or clean laundry. In many cases, it can also lead to a crusty white build-up in your pipes and on your fixtures.

Water Softeners Will Improve the Taste of Your Drinking Water

Water softeners are engineered to remove these minerals from your drinking water. This will make it easier for you to shower and will enhance the taste of your water. More importantly, a water softener will eliminate the buildup of sediment or limescale in your water heater, washing machine, and fixtures. In addition, this type of water filter system will prolong the lifespan of the pipes behind your walls.

Water softeners and other types of water treatment systems need to be periodically maintained. However, these systems rarely suffer from damage. Most whole-house water treatment systems are usually installed at the apex of your home plumbing system. This allows these water filters to effectively treat issues of water impurity for many years to come. If you have hard water in your home or notice issues caused by water contaminants, give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594. Our team of licensed plumbers will help you find a type of water filtration system to enhance the safety of your water.

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