Toilet Leaking From the Base? Here Are Some Reasons Why

toilet-with-button-flushLeaks in the bathroom are serious problems. You don’t want leaks to occur anywhere in your home, but the concentration of plumbing and fixtures in bathrooms makes leaks there highly urgent. You also don’t want to lose the use of those important fixtures for too long.

When leaking appears to be coming from the toilet, it’s something you want stopped and repaired as soon as possible. There are extra dangers coming from a toilet that appears to be leaking from around the base aside from the water waste and inconvenience!

These leaks can be health hazards and sources of extreme water damage

Leaks from a toilet can be wastewater that is filled with harmful bacteria. You absolutely do not want this seeping into the floor of your bathroom. The potential for water damage from leaks around the base is also high. Water damage to the flooring is difficult to remediate, and it will weaken the support and might even lead to a collapse if the problem isn’t addressed.

Why you’re seeing the leaks

A toilet can leak from different locations, and if you see water around the base it doesn’t necessarily mean the problem is coming from the base. However…

A decayed wax ring in the base is the mostly likely source of this problem. That wax ring seals the toilet and the drain onto the floor and provides a barrier against the escape of water. This wax may shrivel and decay over time, leading to leaking from the base. Fortunately, new wax rings are inexpensive. However, to put the ring in place, the toilet must be detached from the floor and lifted up. You don’t want to do this yourself—call for a professional plumber to do the job.

Leaks from the feed line are also a possibility. The feed line is the plastic tube that comes from the wall and attaches to the toilet tank. Water can seep from around the shut-off valve and appear to be coming from the base.

Cracks in the porcelain are one of the most serious possibilities. If cracks along the bowl are large enough to allow for the water to begin to leak, the toilet is in serious trouble. In most cases, you’ll need to have the entire toilet replaced.

Leaks between the tank and the bowl are a frequent cause of leaking. If the gaskets between the tank and bowl are loose or damaged, water will seep from the tank to the floor. You may notice the toilet running when it shouldn’t because water keeps leaving the tank. Have a plumber take care of this right away.

Don’t take chances with bathroom plumbing!

Unless you can find a basic solution to a problem with your bathroom plumbing, please don’t attempt to fix anything with a DIY attempt. The bathroom is too important and the fixtures are too numerous for you to take chances or delay on getting help.

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