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8 Signs of a Sewer Line Backup & Ways to Fix

8 Signs of a Sewer Line Backup & Ways to Fix

The sewer lines that are connected to your house are designed to remove and distribute waste to a civic sewer system. Sewer lines are usually buried under the ground in your yard. This keeps the pipes safe from damage and corrosion from the weather. Unfortunately, when a sewer line backup occurs, you will need to rely on a licensed plumber to eliminate the clogs.

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In the past, the only way to eliminate blockages in sewer lines was to dig a hole in the ground to remove and replace the damaged pipe. On the other hand, new methods have emerged that make it easy to restore the flow of water in pipes without needing to perform an excavation. To help you determine the source of your clogged drains, we have compiled a list of common signs of a sewer backup and ways to fix it.

Top Indicators of Problems With Your Sewer Lines

Puddles in the Yard

A sewer backup may be to blame for the puddles in your backyard. An easy way to eliminate a small backup in a sewer pipe is to open and inspect the sewer cleanout pipe on your property. Waste can be circulated through this pipe to restore the flow of water beneath the ground. The sewage cleanout pipe can be located in your yard or basement.

Sewer BackupExcess Greenery

Plants will use sewage from a clogged sewer line as fertilizer. In some cases, it’s even possible for tree roots to exploit micro fissures in the pipe and shoot roots into the interior of the sewer pipe. Regardless, a backup will likely result in vegetation that is greener and healthier than the rest of the surrounding lawn.

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Slow Drains

A clog or backup in the drains isn’t entirely uncommon in most homes. When the sewer line is backed up, however, it will likely leave all of the drains in the home slow or nonfunctional. The first area in a house that will be negatively impacted by a blockage in your pipes is the basement. The drains in the lowest locations of your property will become clogged before the drains on the second level of your home. To prevent a pipe burst, you will need to call a licensed technician to replace the cracked pipe beneath the ground.

Running Water

A leak in the sewer line can produce the sound of running or dripping water sometimes. The sound will usually be localized somewhere where there shouldn’t be any running water.

Sewer BackupMold and Bacteria

Leaks in a sewer line can cause mold and bacteria to spread in the foundation on your property. In addition, you may start to encounter mold on your walls, floors, or ceiling. Mold and bacteria are never good signs regardless of the problem and a certified plumber can usually detect and eliminate a sewer backup in 2 to 4 hours.

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Odd Smells

If you notice obnoxious odors and gases in your home, this is an indicator of a sewer line backup issue. Once a sewer line collapses beneath the ground, you may start to notice a strange odor in your front yard. On the other hand, a miniature crack in a pipe behind your walls can cause unpleasant odors to be dispersed in your bathrooms, kitchen, or family room. A fast way to prevent damage to your drywalls and floors is to call a certified technician to replace the broken pipe.

Sinkholes & Divots

If the ground around the sewer line backup is saturated with leaking fluid, it can easily shift, which will result in divots in your lawn. In the worst cases, it could actively result in a sinkhole, which can be dangerous if left untreated.

Sewer BackupCracks in Concrete

Liquid released from a sewer line can create pressure that damages the concrete of porches and pools. In addition, a sewer line backup can be the source of cracks and holes in the concrete foundation of your house. Cracks usually indicate a problem that has been in effect for some time.

Water and Sewer Line Repair Services

If you notice mold on your ceiling or cracks in your drywall, this is a sign of a problem with your sewer pipes. Our team of licensed plumbers in Norristown, PA have the tools, equipment, and hardware necessary to locate and disassemble blockages in your pipes.

If we cannot eliminate a clog in your pipe, our team of licensed plumbers will remove and replace the damaged pipe beneath the ground on your property. We offer dependable sewer line repair and installation services to homes in Pennsylvania. In addition, our staff offers plumbing services for broken gas lines, malfunctioning water heaters, cracked water lines. To help you prevent expensive problems, we offer a variety of maintenance plans for your HVAC and plumbing system. Give our team a call by phone at (484) 206-8594 to receive help.

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