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Most Popular Types of Light Fixtures for Bedrooms

Most Popular Types of Light Fixtures for Bedrooms

In today’s world, bedrooms have multiple functions. Homeowners not only want a relaxing and comfortable place to sleep after a long day, but bedrooms also serve as workspaces, entertainment spaces, and retreat spaces. Depending on your needs, you may want to see how different lighting options could support your lifestyle. We have created a list of the best light fixtures for bedrooms along with different lighting styles and inspiration tips.

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Bedroom Light Fixture Styles

Light fixtures are connected to the electrical system and can be used for any type of lighting. The most commonly used bedroom light fixtures are ceiling-mounted, pendants, and recessed.

1. Ceiling-Mounted Light Fixtures

Most bedrooms come with ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Centrally located, these fixtures provide ambient lighting for the bedroom. In addition, lightbulbs in the fixtures are shaded to supply an even light throughout the room.

2. Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant light fixtures are also typically shaded to diffuse the light. Pendants hang low in the room from cables and can be staggered for different lengths. A pendant light fixture naturally fits accent, task, or decorative lighting needs.

3. Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are set deep in the ceiling. You often will only see the shade, as the wiring and bulb components are hidden. Recessed bedroom light fixtures can be used for almost any type of lighting based on owner preference.

Common Types of Bedroom Lighting

The four types of lighting commonly used in bedrooms are ambient, accent, task, and decorative lighting. When you schedule lighting installation services with a licensed electrician, consider how to mix and match these different types to achieve the perfect living space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also called general lighting. This light is intended to illuminate the entire space consistently. Ambient lighting is generally activated by a central switch in your house.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is intended to draw attention to a specific feature of your bedroom. For example, accent bedroom light fixtures can be utilized to showcase a piece of art, the interior of a bookshelf, or anchor a dramatic fireplace.

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Task Lighting

Task lighting allows homeowners the light they need to focus on a project by shining down on a specific area without lighting up the whole space. For example, a lamp on a nightstand or a standing lamp next to a cozy armchair would provide task lighting for reading.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is what it sounds like. This type of bedroom lighting is often based on personal stylistic preferences. A decorative light could be dramatic, whimsical, or classic, depending on the effect its owner wants to achieve.

Most Popular Types of Light Fixtures for Bedrooms

5 Beautiful Bedroom Lighting Ideas

No matter your decorative preference, think about how you could use lighting in your bedroom to showcase your style while meeting your everyday needs.

1. Modern

Modern bedrooms often boast clean lines, streamlined surfaces, and bold statements. If your bed is placed against a dramatic wall, use accent lighting to draw attention to its details. A striking decorative lighting piece could also create the bold effect you want.

2. Art Deco

Art Deco is influenced by strong color and geometric patterns with exquisite details. Gold leaf and chrome finishes are popular options for Art Deco pieces, so think about how to tie in a bedroom light fixture to an element of your furniture or another accessory.

3. Soft Lighting

Nothing speaks to a soothing retreat like soft lighting in a room. Lamps on your nightstand will create this effect, as will a pair of sconces illuminating the fireplace.

4. Colors

If you are a fan of color, plan to use it in your lighting choices too. Whether you prefer a bright crimson or a deep purple, try using a strategic color accent for your shades, bases, or fixtures.

5. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights can be used in many ways in a bedroom. Try adding low-hanging lights with your preferred shades on both sides of your bed instead of a nightstand lamp. Try these lights in a reading nook or closet space to add extra personality.

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Types of Bedrooms and Lighting Tips

Now it’s time to think about the different bedrooms you have and their unique lighting needs.

Master Bedrooms

The master bedroom is often the largest in the house, one that demands your initial attention. Look at the overall size of your bedroom and the style of ceiling you have.

Lower ceilings will require close-mounted fixtures for ambient lighting, but taller or sloped ceilings may hold a pendant fixture nicely. Place accent and task lighting in the areas you will be spending your time. Don’t forget to use decorative lighting that speaks to your personality too.

Guest Bedrooms

If your guest room doubles as a work or office space, consider the different types of task lighting you may need. A desk will require a lamp for focused work, while lamps on bed stands will invite your guests to settle in for the night with a book or device. Check the ambient lighting of the space to ensure you and your guests feel comfortable spending time there.

Kids Rooms

The lighting in your children’s rooms will vary depending on their ages. Infants and toddlers may only need soft task lighting for soothing or bedtime stories at night. Older children will benefit from lighting on their nightstands and a lamp or pendant fixture above their desks for doing homework.

Bedroom Lighting Controls

Lighting fixtures are controlled by the type of switch you install. Consider whether you want your ambient lighting to have a dimming feature for added flexibility. Smart lighting is also becoming increasingly popular. These lights are connected to your device so that you can access them anytime.

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Bedroom light fixtures come in multiple styles and types, with features to suit every homeowner’s needs. As you think about your bedrooms, consider the different uses in the spaces and how your lighting will support your lifestyle.

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