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Improve Your Quality of Life with a Water Treatment System

Improve Your Quality of Life with a Water Treatment System

Our various civic water systems are pretty good here in Havertown and Springfield, PA, but they’re not perfect, and if you’re looking to improve the quality of the water in your home, you can make steps to remedy it. Hard water, in particular can be a problem in this area, and while it’s not harmful, it can leave your drinking water with a harsh unpleasant taste as well as creating that crusty white build-up on your faucet. A quality water treatment system can improve your quality of life, as well as correcting these problems in your home plumbing system. Here’s a few specifics.

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Water Tastes Better

A water treatment system helps your drinking water taste crisper and fresher by removing harsh minerals and similar trace components. There’s an easy way to show you how. Fill an ice cube tray with water from the tap and a second one with bottled water from the store. When they freeze, you can see how much cloudier and darker the ice from the tap water is than the ice from the filtered water. Imagine your entire water supply being filters and you start to get the idea.

Showers and Baths are More Comfortable

Hard water can leave your skin feeling red and raw after a shower, as well as creating those gross white deposits on your showerhead. A water filtration system can fix that, helping you enjoy your showers more readily and reducing that red raw feeling.

Laundry is Easier on Your Clothes

Hard water can cause clothing to fade and threads to warp in the laundry, reducing the lifespan of your wardrobe. Filtered water, on the other hand, will keep your clothes looking brighter and helping them last longer.

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