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Benefits of Ductless Heating

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Most of us here in Havertown and Springfield, PA are familiar with centralized forced air furnaces and boilers which heat our homes during the cold months of winter. But if you’re looking for an alternative, you might want to consider a ductless mini-split system, which abandons the centralized model in favor of a series of smaller heating units placed in separate rooms or sections of your home. Each unit can be operated independently of the others, and usually comes with its own thermostat and control panel. A ductless mini-split system isn’t for every household – smaller homes likely don’t need it, and if your existing centralized system is working fine then there’s no reason to change – but larger homes with a lot of rooms and homes that can’t easily accommodate a ducted system could benefit greatly from it. Here’s a quick breakdown of a few benefits.

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  • Precise Control. The temperature in your home can be a source of consternation, as one family member wants it at one setting and another wants it as a much different setting. Ductless mini-split systems let each person set the temperatures they want in the room they’re occupying without having to fight about it.
  • Lower Bills. By extension, if you can set different temperatures in different rooms, then you can simply turn off the heat in rooms you aren’t using while keeping things comfortable warm in the rooms you are using. That can lower your heating bills tremendously in the winter months without skimping on the heat you need.
  • Easy Repairs. A breakdown of a centralized system means you have to go without heat until it’s fixed. But with ductless systems, the repair job likely only affects one unit. You can simply occupy other parts of the home until repairs are finished, and stay warm while the technician does the job.

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