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Gas Leaks: 6 Signs, Symptoms, & How to Fix

Gas Leaks: 6 Signs, Symptoms, & How to Fix

Gas LeakFor the wellbeing of your family, a gas leak in your home must be taken seriously: they put your home at risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. There’s a couple of signs you as a homeowner should be familiar with to prevent gas leaks.

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6 Signs of a Gas Leak

Local utility companies add a chemical to natural gas that is designed to give it a distinct odor. If you notice the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs, this is an indicator of a gas leak in your house. You may also hear a hissing or whistling noise coming from your gas line. This sound is caused by gas passing through any unsealed cracks or ruptures through the line.

Once a gas leak occurs, condensation may start to form near the damaged gas pipes. In addition to the formation of moisture, bubbles can start to form in water that is located near the gas leak. It’s important to pay close attention to each area in your house to protect yourself from the harmful health consequences of a gas leak.

The most noticeable symptom of a gas leak is dead houseplants. If you notice the sudden death of your houseplants or higher gas bills than usual, you most likely have a damaged gas line behind your wall or a loose connection to an appliance.

Gas LeakHome Gas Leak Symptoms

Not only will your home react to a gas leak, but so will you and your loved ones. During gas leaks, you may find that your family members are experiencing physical issues that you hadn’t before. A lot of these symptoms will be similar to those you feel when you’re sick with a cold or the flu. The symptoms can include trouble breathing, lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness, headaches, and nausea. This is because of the reduced oxygen and air circulation coming through your home.

You may also experience other symptoms related to eye and throat irritation, mood changes, nosebleeds, and chest pain. If you make direct contact with the gas, you could see your skin turn pale or even blister. Don’t forget that your pets will also be susceptible to a gas leak. In addition to troubled breathing, mood/behavioral changes, disorientation, lethargy, loss of appetite, sore throat, red/watery eyes, or vomiting: dangerously high levels of the gas can cause your pet to fall unconscious or worse.

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Gas Leak Prevention Tips

BoilerPerform HVAC System Maintenance

Have a licensed technician check your furnace each time the seasons change. This should include inspections for gas or carbon monoxide leaks. A licensed contractor can ensure a gas or CO leak doesn’t occur due to a corroded gas shutoff valve, deteriorated or loose gas line fittings, improper furnace installation, or tiny fractures on old gas line sections

Conduct Inspections For Leaks Yourself

Before you call a WM Henderson gas inspector, you can check for gas leaks yourself by turning off all gas appliances and then looking at your gas meter. If it continues to spin even though all possible appliances are off, you may have a leak.

If this is the case, you’ll need to evacuate your family and pets out of your home and call your gas company.

Get Rid of Old & Damaged Gas Fittings

Once your home’s gas line infrastructure is aged, you can hire one of our HVAC professionals to perform a leak detection test and replace any corroded fittings as needed. This can usually be done when you’re already replacing your home’s furnace.

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Gas LeakReplace Old & Damaged Gas Shutoff Valves

An HVAC technician will inspect for corrosion on your gas fittings and valve, but you can do this yourself ahead of time as well. The shutoff valve tends to be replaced any time your furnace is, but it could be due for a change sooner than that.

Gas Line Repair Services & Other Plumbing Services

When you need reliable gas line repair services, come to our certified technical team so your family never has to worry about feeling unsafe in your home. WM Henderson can assess and repair a variety of gas line issues from corrosion to frequent leaking, and more. Is your family dealing with a broken water heater, clogged sewer lines, cracked water pipes, or other plumbing issues? The licensed plumbers at WM Henderson are trained to resolve all types of plumbing problems. Give our staff a call at (484) 206-8594 to receive support with your gas lines or plumbing system.