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A Look At Our Plumbing Services

A Look At Our Plumbing Services

Few people realize how many plumbing services in PA there are. Plumbing isn’t as simple as unclogging a bathtub or fixing a leaky pipe. There are dozens of services that all qualify under the “plumbing” label, and companies like Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services need to specialize in each one if we want to make sure our clients’ needs our met.

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Types of Plumbing Services
Ever wonder how many plumbing services there are? Most people wouldn’t, but we do!  We at Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services are in the business of plumbing, and we’ve serviced many systems. Without further ado, here are 23 different plumbing services in PA that we happen to be experts in:

  1. Drain cleaning.
  2. Shower repair.
  3. Bathtub repair.
  4. Sewer line installation.
  5. Faucet installation.
  6. Trenchless sewer replacement.
  7. Emergency maintenance.
  8. Copper water services.
  9. Water filtration systems.
  10. Water heater repair.
  11. Water heater replacement.
  12. Sump pumps.
  13. Bathroom remodeling.
  14. Toilet clog removal.
  15. Gas piping.
  16. Tile installation and repairs.
  17. Trenchless water line replacement.
  18. Pipe inspection.
  19. Frozen pipe protection.
  20. Garbage disposal repair.
  21. Overflows.
  22. Kitchen sink remodel.
  23. Installation of any and all of the above plumbing devices.

The above list represents just a small sample of the countless plumbing projects we can complete to help meet your needs. At Wm. Henderson Plumbing Heating Cooling Services, we specialize in pretty much everything. We may not be able to solve world hunger (yet), but when it comes to plumbing services in PA, we know how to do it all. We are the Pennsylvania plumbing services experts, and when you need something done, we’re ready to handle it.