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At Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc., we are proud of our long years of service to Upper Darby, PA and the surrounding areas. Our team of local plumbers and technicians provide efficient air conditioning, plumbing, and furnace repair services to homes in the area.

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We are dedicated to seeing that you enjoy the finest in comfort and energy efficiency for your home or business, and we will take care of whatever installations, maintenance checks, repairs, or replacements are necessary to achieve those goals.

Give us a call today to learn about the enormous extent of services that we provide, or to schedule prompt work. We are here to see that you receive only the best in plumbing and HVAC service.

3 Types of Backflow Preventer Valves & Signs of IssuesEMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICES IN UPPER DARBY, PA

Taking care of residential plumbing requires knowledge of an extensive number of services and different types of fixtures and appliances. This is why it is vital that you only call on licensed plumbers with experience whenever you encounter emergency plumbing issues. Our staff of local plumbers can handle repairs both large and small. We can install new fixtures, configure replacement piping, and deliver regular plumbing maintenance that will make future troubles few and far between. We even often water treatment system installation. Make us your regular plumbing contractor in Upper Darby, PA.


When the time comes to upgrade an old, tired, and water–wasting bathroom, make sure that the new plumbing matches the beauty of your plans for the exterior. Our local plumbers and professionals are experienced with handling the plumbing necessary for an effective bathroom remodel. Call us so that your remodeling will go exactly as you want it.

Ground vs Air-Source Heat Pumps: Benefits & DrawbacksFURNACE REPAIR & INSTALLATION SERVICES IN UPPER DARBY, PA

There’s no question that homes in Upper Darby, PA need to have powerful heating systems: the winters can be unforgiving. Wm. Henderson offers reliable heating, boilerheat pump, and furnace repair or tune-up services to help you stay comfortable during the Winter season. Do you need a new furnace put in, or do you have an oil–powered system that requires repairs? We can take care of that. Are you worried that your current heater may give out during the worst part of winter? Call our staff and we’ll provide you with dependable furnace tune-up solutions to ease your mind. Trust to our comprehensive heating services in the area.


To enjoy a steady performance from a home air conditioning system, you need AC service professionals ready to help with installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our staff of local contractors and plumbers have extensive experience with a range of air conditioning systems and are committed to keeping your home cool no matter how high the outdoor temperature rises in Upper Darby, PA. Whether you are running into an under–performing AC or you want a system installed for a new home, just give us a call.


A ductless mini split system provides central cooling (as well as heating) without the need for a large network of ducts. This is an advantage for new home construction as well as for smaller homes, and it also provides other benefits such as increased energy efficiency and indoor air quality. To learn more about ductless mini split installation and other services, simply call our technicians.


No part of your plumbing is less suited to DIY work than the water main and the sewer line. Just accessing these buried pipelines is a major task, and it takes licensed plumbers with the right training and equipment to tackle the job. Our local plumbers in Upper Darby, PA are equipped with the necessary tools to provide your home with emergency plumbing repairs, replacements, cleaning, and other work for your sewer line. We are here when you need us!


Replacing a water or sewer line once involved an arduous and disruptive process of tearing open trenches across property with large digging equipment. This method is still in use, but you have a much better option: calling our technicians to have trenchless pipe replacement done. We use technology that allows us to do the job of replacing your old water and sewer lines without digging trenches on your yard, and we can do the work in only a few hours. Don’t trust your sewer and water line replacements to anyone else!


The last thing that you want to do is turn on your whole–house generator when the power goes out, only to realize that it is not functioning as it ought to. It is vital that your generator not only suits your household’s electrical usage habits, but also that it is of the right size for your home. Only then will it be able to do its job correctly. We install a number of different generators, including incredibly convenient automatic standby generator models.

8 Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your HouseINDOOR AIR QUALITY

Dry or contaminant–filled air is a problem for many homes, much of it because of the insulation and heat sealing that prevents adequate fresh air circulation. But you can do something about it: call Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. and tell our technicians that you want improved indoor air quality for your home in Upper Darby, PA. Our specialists can install humidifiers, air cleaners, air filters, and other solutions that will help your entire household enjoy fresher, healthier air and overall superior comfort.


Is dry air a problem for your home, making cool temperatures feels worse and leading to health troubles among the people who live there? Basic portable humidifiers are only a small and temporary solution. To properly balance humidity, you need to call experts to integrate a whole–house humidifier into your HVAC system. Our technicians are available to take on this job–call today.


A staggering number of pollutants can lower your home’s indoor air quality: dust, germs, viruses, dust mites, smoke, chemicals, pet dander, etc. Our specialists will find the right kind of air cleaner or air filter (or combination of different ones) that will counteract and remove the contaminants that are affecting health and comfort in your home. We also offer repair and maintenance service for air cleaners.


We know that you want the best HVAC and furnace service for your home possible. Our team aims to provide it the best services in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Since 1977, we have seen to the comfort needs of businesses and homes in Upper Darby, PA and the surrounding areas, and there is no job too large or too small for us. No matter if you are looking for installation of plumbing or a furnace repair, we will provide a fast and seamless solution to accommodate your needs.

Emergency Plumbing Services in West Chester, PACOMMERCIAL PLUMBING

If residential plumbing is too complicated for an amateur to handle, imagine what commercial plumbing is like! Never take chances when it comes to the plumbing that serves your establishment, since you risk loss of water, flooding, and even local code violations. The licensed commercial specialists we have on staff are here to help you with any repair, installation, or maintenance work your business’ plumbing requires.


A faulty heating or cooling system in a business can lead to enormous trouble: unproductive employees, unhappy customers, clients, tenants, etc. You need to have a commercial repair company you can trust only a call away–and you can trust Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc.. Our comprehensive commercial HVAC services make us the people to contact at the first indication that you have heating or cooling malfunctions. We take pride in our decades of service to the Upper Darby, PA area when it comes to comfort.

Call us at 1-941-377-6962 for fast, reliable emergency AC services! Find your local Elite today for fast, reliable emergency AC services in your area!

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