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Automatic Standby Generator Systems and Service

Automatic Standby GeneratorsWhen the power goes out in your neighborhood, are you prepared to go about your routine as normal? If you’re scrambling around looking desperately for a candlestick, matches, flashlights, and other such items, then the answer is certainly “no.” We recommend that you take the inconvenience and stress out of such power outages with the use of an automatic standby generator in Delaware County & The Main Line.

An automatic standby generator is a whole-house generator that makes it easy to go about your business as usual, even when the power from the utility fails you. Of course, a whole-house generator of any type must be installed by a qualified professional. The installation of such a system is an electrical service undertaking, and you cannot risk an unsafe performance from your system due to a shoddy installation. Work with us, and you’ll have no reason for concern.

offers automatic standby generator services in Delaware County & The Main Line.

What Is an Automatic Standby Generator?

An automatic standby generator is a whole–house generator, which means that it is wired directly into your home’s electrical system. Unlike a portable generator, you are not going to have to plug appliances or devices directly into the generator in order to power them. Instead, you simply use them as normal, provided that your generator is sized appropriately for the demands of your home. You may designate certain appliances and circuits to be powered by the generator, if you don’t feel the need to power your entire electrical system. Adding to the convenience of this mode of operation is the fact that an automatic standby generator does not need to be manually started. An automatic transfer switch will activate the system almost instantly upon a loss of power.

Automatic Standby Generators Must Be Professionally Installed

If you want your automatic standby generator to work the way it should, then you absolutely must schedule your automatic standby generator installation with a qualified professional. Not only is this the only way in which you can hope for your system to handle the electrical load effectively, but it is the only way in which you can hope to use the system safely. Schedule service with us, and you will know for certain that your system is capable of handling your electrical demands, and that it will operate reliably and safely. You deserve this peace of mind.

We Repair and Maintain Automatic Standby Generators

You should test your automatic standby generator as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure that it will function as needed when the time comes. Most systems will perform a self–test on a regular basis, but having the system tested by a trained professional is also recommended. That way, any problems can be diagnosed and resolved early on. We can handle any automatic standby generator repairs that you may need. We can also complete the meticulous routine automatic standby generator maintenance that the system demands in order to function as reliably as possible. When you leave your system in our hands, you will be able to make it through a power outage conveniently and comfortably.

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