Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair Your Commercial Rooftop Unit

As the manager of a large commercial property, chances are that you’re quite busy. When a customer, client, employee, and/or tenant informs you of trouble with the heating in the building, it may seem as though you can wait a little while for repairs. After all, the heat is still working to some level, so the temperatures in your building are bearable. While it’s sometimes tempting to wait for commercial heating repairs until they fit a little bit more soundly into your monthly budget, this type of thinking is potentially harmful to your system and to the people who rely on you commercial rooftop unit for heating and AC.

Rooftop units are the most common HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems installed on commercial buildings today because they offer many benefits for property owners and employees alike. Rooftop units have a cabinet which encloses every portion of your heating and air conditioning system. When a technician visits the property to maintain or repair the unit, this is beneficial because they stay out of your way and the repair moves a bit faster than it may have otherwise because all of the parts are centrally located. As long as your unit is professionally maintained twice a year, you should run into very little unexpected trouble over time.

When someone in your building notices that there is a potential problem, it may be that you only have a minor repair need. Sometimes, heating is reduced because of a dirty burner or a bent fan blade. But this small problem can develop into something much worse. All of the other components have to work harder, and this extra strain on the system can lead to overworked parts and an eventual breakdown. Why wait for a sudden failure when you can pay less for a repair today? The people in your building count on you to keep everything running as needed, and it’s vital that you keep everyone in the property comfortable for increased productivity and to keep customers and clients coming back.

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