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What Causes Sink Odors?

What Causes Sink Odors?

The drains in our plumbing system have a hard job; taking the crud and brackish water that we no longer want to deal with and sending it away. Because this job is so important, you can have some serious problems if your drain systems begin to break down and no longer function as they were intended. Kitchen plumbing in particular is subject to these types of problems, but bathroom drains also are susceptible. A common issue once drains begin to break down is the odor of sewer coming up from the pipes. This typically happens for one of two reasons.

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The most common cause of odor from you sink is because your traps have run dry. Your plumbing has many traps, but a trap that you can see is under any sink in your home. It is the portion of the pipe that curls up towards the ceiling. The purpose of this trap is to collect water, which then acts as a stop for sewer gas coming back into the home. If a trap in your system goes empty, sewer gas can enter the home.

The second, most common reason for sink odor, comes from the pop-up section of your drain. This is the part that contains your trap and connects to the sink. Within the first few inches of the pipe is a drain stop. This is the device that is inside the pipe that stops the water from draining when you don’t want it to and it is the number one cause for plumbing services. The drain stop traps hair and other debris heading down the drain. As this material starts to decompose, it starts to stink. Plumbers know all too well that besides working to unclog sinks, cleaning off the drain stop often stops odors.

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