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Should I Replace My Compressor Or Buy a New Air Conditioner?

Should I Replace My Compressor Or Buy a New Air Conditioner?

When the compressor in your air conditioner (AC) fails, it’s recommended that you get a new unit. In addition to being a very difficult part to access, AC compressor replacement can be extremely expensive. This, however, should not be the determining factor when deciding to keep or get a new unit. Let’s discuss the main variables to consider.

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Replacing a Compressor vs. Getting a New AC Unit

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

If your cooling unit is relatively new, a replacement air conditioner (AC) compressor may be covered by the warranty. If so, the manufacturer will be responsible for repair or replacement. You will only pay for labor. Alternatively, if your system is close to 15 years old, you may be required to replace the entire central air conditioning system. With an older unit, you’ll need repairs more frequently, and replacing dated parts may be difficult and more costly.

Ask for a Second Opinion

If you disagree with your HVAC professional’s recommendation, get a second opinion prior to buying a replacement compressor or central air conditioning (AC) system. This can come from a supervisor or an entirely different company. There is nothing wrong with confirming the original diagnosis for the air conditioner (AC) compressor. If your technician gets upset, you’re better off taking your business elsewhere.

Compare Costs

If you see the value in keeping your existing cooling system, get an itemized breakdown of all replacement costs. Sometimes your technician will recommend replacing burnt-out coils or damaged refrigerant lines. Compare your potential replacement cost with your potential repair costs and see if that helps you determine which option is best.

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TechnicianWhen To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Increased temperatures can be unbearable, especially in the summer months. If your compressor or system requires continuous repairs and cools your home unevenly, it may be time to trade in your old system for a new, energy-efficient central air conditioner (AC). While it is expensive to invest in an air conditioner (AC) replacement, the money you spend on repair can exceed the cost of replacing your unit.

5 Major AC Compressor Issues

Regular maintenance helps ensure your AC compressor will last for years. If you have one or more of these issues, call a qualified professional immediately. Waiting could result in AC compressor replacement or require you to get a new air conditioner prematurely.

1. Electrical Issues

If your AC unit suddenly shuts down and needs to be tripped from your fuse box to restart, you may have an electrical malfunction. When your air conditioner has electrical problems, it can impact other equipment and cause your entire system to fail. If this happens, turn off your unit and call an HVAC technician. Electrical problems, even minor ones, should always be handled by a professional.

2. Low Amount of Refrigerant

Inadequate air conditioning refrigerant levels can cause your AC compressor to overwork and eventually fail. If you notice that your unit takes longer to cool your home, low coolant levels may be the problem. A certified HVAC professional will check the amount of refrigerant and ensure your unit has enough to prevent an expensive AC compressor replacement and other issues.

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What Are the Differences Between an Air Conditioner & Heat Pump?3. Contaminated Coils

It’s natural for your unit to accumulate debris like twigs and dirt. To prevent debris from impacting your condenser coils, you’ll want to have it serviced every six months. If you allow dirt to pile onto your coils, you may encounter issues with your air conditioner (AC) compressor and your system may not cool your home as quickly as you’re used to.

4. Dirt & Debris in the Compressor

Your air conditioner has compressors that will typically be outside your home. Depending on where the compressors are, they’ll be susceptible to contaminants, including bacteria, leaves, fungi, animal feces, and dirt. These factors will often impact the functionality of your air conditioning compressor. To eliminate the risk of dirt and foreign objects impacting your compressor, schedule regular maintenance with a trusted HVAC technician.

5. Malfunctioning Suction Pipes

Over time, your unit’s cooling capacity may decrease due to damaged or cracked refrigerant lines. If this happens, the amount of coolant that travels through the coils will decrease and pressure your unit to work longer. If you notice your unit runs for long periods of time and doesn’t achieve the set temperature, contact an HVAC professional to resolve your issue.

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