3 Types of Problems That Occur With Commercial Boilers

3 Types of Problems That Occur With Commercial BoilersCommercial boilers are powerful heating systems, with the ability to keep an entire office building warm no matter what the outdoor temperature. Boilers are built tough because they often handle a large heating load. Even though these units are meant to last for many years, there’s always a chance that a problem can surface with your commercial boiler. To help you save time and money on troubleshooting your boiler, we’ve compiled a list of the most common boiler problems in homes.

Types of Boiler Problems & Causes

Does Not Produce Enough Heat

If you’re not getting the heating power you desire from your commercial boiler, it can mean a major problem, or the repair may be as simple as cleaning off a few parts. Dirty burners may be impacting the heating cycle. Another type of boiler problem that may affect the flow of warm air in your house includes a leak or an imbalance in pressure. Even if the lack of heat seems bearable, you should call an expert for service as soon as possible to keep the issue from worsening.

Uneven Heating in One Area

If the zone control system in your building has not been properly configured, this may cause problems with your boiler including cold offices, floors, and areas. A technician should adjust the settings of any zone according to that floor’s particular needs, but sometimes the structure of the room requires higher or lower settings for whatever reason. If, for example, an office on the second floor has carpeting, while other areas have tile or hardwood floors, the settings may need to be adjusted so that more heat moves into that room only.

3 Types of Problems That Occur With Commercial BoilersExpansion Tank Leak

This type of boiler problem is rare, but it’s definitely one to look out for. If you notice water leaks from your boiler, it indicates a pretty serious problem that may require troubleshooting by a licensed technician. This could have to do with the expansion tank, the pressure relief valve, or it could be a sign of rust and corrosion, an unfortunate possibility with older boilers that almost always results in replacement.

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