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Plumber’s Guide: Tree Roots and Other Dangers – What’s in Your Pipes?

Plumber’s Guide: Tree Roots and Other Dangers – What’s in Your Pipes?

All the sewers, waste pipes and drains from your Springfield PA home lead directly to the septic tank or municipal sewer. To ensure that water flows through these pipes smoothly, it is important to keep them clog-free. To do this, you must always be careful about what you flush down the drains, sewers and toilets in your home.

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Apart from the common household items that can clog drains, sewer pipes, especially those made of clay or cast iron can get blocked with tree roots. Roots grow through the joints and continue growing inside the pipes, eventually leading to a complete blockage.

To keep this from happening, it is necessary to perform a few periodic checks. First, find out which path the sewer pipe takes from your home to the street and check if there are any bushes or trees along the path. If there are any trees, you can control the growth of roots in the pipes by treating the sewer with a solution periodically.

It is important to call the right Springfield PA plumbing professionals to do this to ensure that they know how to go about keeping your sewer lines clear. If tree roots are a danger to your system, they will first drill a two-and-half inch diameter hole above sewer line. About two feet above the ground, a twenty-inch PVC pipe will then be inserted into the hole. This one-and-a-half inch pipe will be glued to an adapter on one end where a cap will be screwed on to it about two inches below the ground.

They will then pour hot water and copper sulphate crystals halfway into the pipe and wait for the copper sulphate to dissolve and seep into the ground. This will keep any tree roots from growing in the sewer. To keep roots from growing repeatedly, this procedure must be carried out at least once every four months.

Another alternative is to pour the solution to keep roots from growing down the clean out fitting. This will usually be located at the side of your home. Remember, however, that you should never clean your sewer using caustic drain cleaners as they can severely damage pipes. If you find roots blocking your sewer pipes, you need Springfield PA plumbing professional help in getting them cleared out.

Prevention is always better than emergency repairs. To ensure that roots do not grow in the sewer and drain pipes, take the above precautions. If roots do grow, call Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc. immediately to get them removed.