Make Sure Your Generator Is Ready for Winter!

generator-residentialIf you have a whole-house generator as a power backup for your home, the time when you may need it the most is coming up soon—winter! With the extra strain placed on the power grid and the danger from storms, your house might suffer from an extended power outage this winter season. You want to make sure your backup generator can turn on and supply you with the electricity you need—otherwise, what good is it?

But please don’t just trust the generator will work. If you’ve already had your current backup generator for a few years, it’s important you take steps to make sure it’s in good shape. Should you find anything wrong, you can call us for generator repair and we’ll see the system is ready to take on any power loss. We’ll also replace an old generator that’s no longer reliable.

Keep enough fuel on hand

If you have a natural gas generator, you won’t need to worry about this step, since the fuel supply comes to you from a municipal line. But if your generator runs from liquid propane, oil, or diesel, make certain you have enough fuel stored away. One of the most damaging things that can happen to a generator is for it to run out of gas while it’s operating. Usually, it will need professional repairs. Fill up the generator before winter so you’re in little danger of this happening.

Change the oil

Like a car engine, a generator needs fresh oil for it to run efficiently and without burning out. We recommend changing the oil before each season, even if you didn’t use the generator the previous season—the oil can become stale.

Check the filter and change if necessary

Another easy comparison to a car. Take out the generator’s filter to see if it’s clogged. Replace it with a new filter if it is.

Give the generator a test run

Now you’re ready to see if the generator will turn on and do its job. Even an automatic standby generator (which activates automatically when it detects a loss of power) has a manual switch to start its engine. If it turns on, good! Let it run for 10 to 15 minutes to make sure it’ll perform steadily. If it sputters and stops, has difficulty turning on, or makes strange noises, then call for repairs right away.

Schedule professional maintenance

None of the precautions above beat having generator experts do a full maintenance inspection and tune-up. This job includes oil and filter change, cleaning and adjusting electrical connections, checking spark plugs, testing amperage, everything! Our technicians will give your generator a clean bill of health (or schedule the repairs if they can’t) so you can go into the winter relaxed.

Our technicians provide full service for whole-house and automatic standby generators. New installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. We want to ensure your generator is always ready to work for you.

Service your generator before winter arrives. Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. serves Delaware County & The Main Line, PA.

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