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How Can I Prevent Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

How Can I Prevent Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

The sewer line is the pipe that leads from the drains in your home and into the sewer main. Sewer line issues are a major concern for many homeowners, as a sewer leak can cause waste to seep into your yard or even into your home. This can ruin your belongings and the structure of your home, and it creates a health hazard, not to mention the foul odor. At some point, you will need to replace your sewer line to avoid such leaks, but this shouldn’t happen for several decades after installation. Prevent premature replacement and repairs by following some of these steps.

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  • Keep Certain Substances Out of the Drain: Major clogs are one of the most common reasons for sewer line repair. While this is not as serious as sewer replacement, repairs can take a large chunk of time away from your day. Keep non-food items out of the drains as well as fats, oils, and grease which may solidify and build up in the pipes.
  • Watch for Signs of Leaks: If you catch leaks early on, a plumber may be able to prevent the problem in other areas of the pipes as well. Pay attention to any strange smells or puddles of water in the yard.
  • Schedule Regular Plumbing Maintenance: Finally, you should schedule plumbing maintenance every year to keep the sewer line in top shape and discover any minor repair needs early on. A plumber will clean and adjust various components of your system and let you know if any areas of pipe need repairs.

Unfortunately, when it does become time for your sewer line to be replaced, there is not much else you can do. If your plumbing system corrodes, you may have a major leak on your hands. And if one portion of your pipes begins to corrode, the other parts are sure to follow sooner or later. Scheduling the entire job at once saves you a lot of money and trouble later on.

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