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Don’t Neglect Late Season Furnace Repairs

working-on-heating-systemAre you ready to welcome spring and its warmer weather? We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be! However, it’s still officially winter, and the weather is cold and rainy. If you have a furnace warming your home, it still has a bit more work to put in before it can go on its mid-year vacation (i.e. turn off).

It’s important during the end of winter to act fast whenever you notice a problem with your furnace’s performance. Yes, we know it’s tempting to shrug at a small issue like a drop in heating power or a strange sound from the furnace cabinet. “Oh well, the warm weather’s almost here and I won’t need the furnace. I’ll get to it in fall.”

Procrastinating about scheduling furnace repair or repair for any heating system is a bad idea! Here are some reasons why we recommend you call us ASAP when you believe you have a furnace in need of fixing.


This is the #1 reason to always move fast to have a furnace fixed if you think it’s malfunctioning. A natural gas furnace, the most common type of heating system found in residential buildings, can turn into a major health hazard if malfunctions cause it to leak toxic fumes. It could also turn into a combustion hazard. The same is true of gas-powered boilers. But even electric-powered heaters can present dangers. Always play it safe and have the heater fixed before there’s any safety risk.

Reduced equipment life

The more strain is put on a heater, the shorter its lifespan. When a heater malfunctions, it will work harder than it should. A frozen coil in a heat pump, dirt and grime along the burners, worn down bearings in the motors, sediment along the bottom of a boiler tank—all of these will contribute to a heating system that may break down and need to be replaced years too early.

Energy waste, money waste

You never want to spend more on heating your home than necessary, and you probably already pay a high price in utility bills during the winter. If you leave your heater without repairs at the end of the season, you’ll pay even higher costs to run it during this last month or so.

A system in jeopardy for the next heating season

Letting a heater shut down for the cooling season with lingering issues places the system at an increased risk of malfunctions, poor operation, and even a complete breakdown when it has to go to work again in the fall. You want to know you can depend on your heater the moment you need it again—and timely repairs are the way to do it.

No matter what type of heating system you have serving your home, our professionals can take care of its repair needs: boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, radiant heating systems, etc. If your heater is past the point where repairs are helpful or cost-effective, we’ll work with you to have the best possible new system installed.

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