Drain Cleaning Is Better and Faster with This Amazing Device

tapwater-down-drainDrain cleaning is about more than unclogging drains. It is also a preventive method that keeps away future clogs. We encourage homeowners to arrange for professional drain cleaning once a year to help keep their drainage system working at its best and avoid having to make emergency service calls because of a stopped up bath or kitchen drain.

Plumbers use a number of specialized tools to clean drains, such as motorized drain augers (a.k.a. drain snakes) and powerful hydro-jetters that blast high-pressure water along the inside of the drainpipes to scour them clean.

There’s one device that modern technology has developed that makes drain cleaning faster and more effective than ever before: video pipe inspection equipment.

The Basics of Video Pipe Inspection

The device is simple to explain. It combines a miniaturized digital camera and LED light mounted on a long fiber optic cable—long enough to send the camera down the full length of a residential sewer line. The digital camera sends back images through the cable to a set of monitors. The plumber can guide the camera using the monitors and make a recording of the images.

Until the development of miniaturized digital technology, it was impossible to get this sort of close look at the inside of narrow pipes. Now, the plumber can send these tiny cameras almost anywhere in the plumbing system by accessing either a clean-out or a normal drain opening. And what the plumber sees on the images makes drain cleaning a simpler task.

The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspections

Plumbers can use these video camera images to help out with numerous jobs, such as the detection of leaks or discovering if root infiltration is starting up in a sewer line. When it comes to drain cleaning, the video images inform the plumber of what type of build-up and how much of it needs to be taken care of using other drain cleaning tools. The plumber can also identify trouble spots and areas that need special cleaning attention. If the drain cleaning is scheduled to handle a specific clog that’s resisting standard unclogging methods, the camera will show the plumber just what the clog is, taking out time-wasting guesswork at how to get rid of it.

There’s a use for the video camera after the cleaning is done as well. The plumber can double check the work and make a record of it to show to the homeowner. That way there’s no worrying if the job was done right or that the problem may come back soon after.

Let Our Professionals Clean Your Drains

We can take care of all your drain cleaning needs. We use the best and most advanced plumbing tools available to do the job, and that includes video camera inspection equipment and the most effective hydro-jetters. We’re available for emergency plumbing work when you need a clogged or slow drain fixed, and you can also rely on us for regular drain cleaning.

Schedule drain cleaning and other plumbing services with Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. Serving Delaware County & The Main Line, PA.

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