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Does Trenchless Technology Really Involve No Digging?

Does Trenchless Technology Really Involve No Digging?

Trenchless technology originally developed in civil engineering as a way do to “lateral” digging to place pipes without needing to use large digging equipment to tear down through the ground to create trenches.

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Trenchless technology is now available in the private sector for homeowners who wish to avoid the expense, time, and general unappealing look of ripping open lawns and gardens to replace sewer lines and water lines.

Trenchless pipe replacement and repairs are often called “No Dig” technology, which some people find hard to believe: “How can you replace pipes buried in the ground without digging?” The truth is that there is some digging involved… but that still shouldn’t stop you from choosing trenchless technology, PA over standard digging work, as we will explain.

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The “digging” part of trenchless technology

If you’ve ever seen the standard method of sewer and water line replacement in action, you know what a mess it can be: heavy digging equipment rips out long stretches of lawn from the sidewalk all the way to the edge of the house.

By comparison, the amount of digging necessary for trenchless pipe replacement is miniscule: it usually only requires a single small hole, located near the sidewalk. The technicians dig down to reach the end of the old pipe at the point where it connects to the municipal system. They disconnect the pipe and attach a hydraulic machine to it, which then pulls into place an interior pipe liner inserted through the other end of the pipe from inside the house. Once this liner is in position, a “pipe burster” drills from one end of the liner to the other, expanding the liner outward so that it shatters the old pipe. The liner now becomes the new pipe, and the technicians connect it to municipal system. They then need to fill in only this one hole and re-landscape it to restore the yard to what it was before.

The process is not only tidy, but fast. Standard digging technology can require a few days to complete. Trenchless replacement needs only a few hours. And this means also means it costs less.

Not every plumbing company carries the machinery needed to perform trenchless pipe replacement in Ardmore, PA. Make sure you call one that can, like Wm. Henderson Plumbing & Heating Inc., whenever you need extensive work done for your sewer line or water main.